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* — not a SaaS solution, the site can be hosted on your server / hosting

Falcon Space - a tool for quickly creating functional websites

Create CRM, client services, accounting systems, personal accounts, sites (service auction, marketplace)

We use off-the-shelf solutions based on the platform, which can be flexibly customized. You can change the business logic and appearance for the project.

We can implement the first version of the site in 1-2 months (if the solution is without modifications, then in 3 working days).

See demo solutions and component testbed< /a> platforms.

Do you have an idea for a project? Describe in the form of the concept of a web project, and we will calculate the budget and terms of the project.

The platform is suitable for projects where the emphasis is on the convenience of working in personal accounts, the speed of making improvements to a live project, and where object accounting is needed (application processing, statuses, catalog, filters, categories, logging, export, import)

The platform is not suitable for business card sites, promo sites, single landing pages, typical online stores.

The key idea of ​​the platform is to quickly make changes to business logic by focusing on SQL development. If you know SQL and HTML, you will be able to maintain/develop your solution yourself. All business logic is written in SQL procedures in the personal account of the administrator-developer. Details for IT professionals

What business tasks is Falcon Space suitable for?

Aggregators, marketplaces

Search for service providers,
commodity aggregator with multi-basket,
order processing by suppliers in your account.

Accounting for any property

Accounting for finance, human resources, contractors, products - database structure without restrictions, the ability to expand / change

Customer service

An office for your client in which he receives an additional service - makes requests, monitors statuses, receives notifications

Organization of business processes

Working with requests by status, restricting access to resources, notification of events by requests

Key features Falcon Space

Easy interface and quick system development

The interface is not overloaded with many unnecessary functions. The user sees only what he needs to work.

To implement the user, you do not need to study the multi-page manual for using the system. The interface is intuitive and familiar to a new user by experience with other services.


Any page and module can be developed in terms of functionality: add new information output, new operation buttons, change the business logic of individual elements.

If you need to create new complex modules (for example, integration with an external system), it is possible to develop these modules on request.

Adaptive interface and participation in processes from a smartphone and PWA!

You can work in the system from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

For mobile, you can develop a separate special simplified cabinet with only the most necessary functionality.

The application can also be installed as a mobile application for various platforms (IOS, Android, Windows) using PWA technology. Try it yourself.

Install PWA (for Chrome)

Customization of your needs, not adjustment to the program

The program adapts to you, and not vice versa. The data structure is created for your processes, and is not universal.

The program has no restrictions on possible changes in the data structure in the future as new needs arise.

API and integration with other systems

Integration with the outside world plays an important role in the operation of the system. Integrate any external API through the development of additional modules.

The system has its own API, which can be developed as the project expands.

Lower project maintenance costs

The system can essentially be supported by 1 expert who knows SQL. This eliminates the need to keep a development team that will accompany the project.

One SQL specialist will be able to study the system and develop it to meet the emerging business needs.

Gradual expansion of functionality to your needs

The system can be quickly configured and implemented in its initial form, and then gradually developed to your needs, adding:

  • new processes and new cabinets
  • new information output
  • new operation buttons
  • business logic changes for individual elements
Demo stand for our controls

Project process

  • Step I

    Create project concept

    Define the initial key characteristics of the project as a document
  • Step II

    Technical specification

    Defines project structure, roles, page requirements, and data structure
  • Step III


    Based on the design document, a transparent estimate for the main works is created
  • Step IV

    Implementation on the platform of the main features of the system

    Creating pages, setting up modules, creating new subsystems for a project
  • Step V

    Grinding solutions and putting them into operation

    Editing of comments, implementation of new ideas, adaptation of design, localization, etc.

Details about web project workflow

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