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How much does it cost to develop SOFTWARE or a website

How much does it cost to develop SOFTWARE or a website
In this article, we will talk about how to determine the cost of SOFTWARE development services, platforms or sites, what payment schemes there are, their pros and cons, and how to make an estimate of the cost of SOFTWARE development.

'How much does the program cost?' It is probably the most popular customer question at the beginning of the project. Calculating the cost of SOFTWARE development is not as easy as it might seem at the beginning of working with programmers.

A web project is not a loaf of bread. A web project involves a process and collaboration, as well as uncertainty in the initial task statement.

    Key points

  1. The price cannot be determined exactly if there are no exact requirements. It is pointless to demand from the contractor an exact estimate for a description like 'how much will the wildberries analog cost'. If you need an accurate estimate, you must at least describe the requirements in the form of a technical specification for a certain amount of work.
  2. Clearly define the boundaries of the first version of the product. If there are no borders, the budget can potentially be infinite. The more clearly defined the boundaries, the less the web development service provider will be reinsured.
  3. Cone of budget and deadline uncertainty. At the beginning of the project, the requirements are very vague, so the budget estimate will have a large spread. As the project progresses, more details about the project will appear, and uncertainty will decrease. This factor allows you to refine your budget estimate.
  4. The product is created iteratively. Don't try to cram too much functionality into the first version. The larger the volume of work, the higher the inaccuracy in the initial assessment. Make the first version as easy as possible (provided that it can then be further developed, this is a critical point). 

Good strategy for determining the initial project budget

  1. Describe the product concept, specifying the main features and modules of the future system (i.e., set some boundaries for the first version of the product)
  2. To obtain the interval estimate (a rough estimate gives the order of budget).
  3. If you are satisfied with the assessment, then detail the first version in the form of layouts and technical specifications together with the contractor.
  4. Ask the contractors to evaluate the developed technical task the unit, i.e. in the context of the features/modules of the system.

 This way you will get a detailed, well-reasoned proposal for the project development budget.

Options for payment schemes on the development project

Fix Price

The scope of work is defined and described in the form of a technical specification. An estimate is created and approved. The work is carried out on a fixed budget.

Pros: fixed expenses that are pre-determined.

Cons: risk of small but controlled overspending,  frozen task.


Payment is based on actual development costs. This is usually the watch of programmers and other specialists. At the end of the reporting period, a cost report is provided.

Pros: you can change the task on the go, there are no disputes about the interpretation of the technical task and the boundaries of stages.

Cons: there is a fairly high risk of overspending in case of unexpected expenses for system problems (debugging, optimization, etc.)

Support at a fixed rate

The amount and volume of project support per month is determined.

Cons: risk of overpayment if there is no need to accompany

Pros: you can require a minimum delay in the response of the support team.

Hidden costs in a web development project that you probably don't consider

Consider these points at the very beginning of the project, and try to get a detailed description from the service provider of how the next points in the project will be resolved. 

  • Performance optimization. The app can run fast on small data and slow when there is a lot of traffic or a large amount of data.
  • Adapting the mobile layout. Everything works well on desktop PCs, but some mobile browsers have minor problems.
  • Creating a technical task. The most important stage of creating a system that lays the foundation for the future product. It can't be free.
  • Content filling, mass transfer of data to the database. There may be a lot of small problems with formats, layout, etc.
  • Integration with other systems. The integration task is always the least defined. There may be problems with non-compliance with the data transfer format, failures on one of the parties, and the volume of data transmitted may be incorrectly determined.
  • Edits for usability. It may happen that the service is developed, but there are a lot of edits for ease of use, and this again requires an additional budget.

Consider these factors in your project budget, and then there will be fewer unpleasant surprises at later stages of the project.

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