Создание продукта - ответственное дело, требующее подключение довольно большого числа компетенций. В статье кратко пробежимся по ним.

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Creating a site for the Manager. The main points

Creating a site for the Manager. The main points
Creating a product is a responsible business that requires a fairly large number of competencies. In the article, we will briefly run through them.

Let's look at what a web project manager should know before starting to create a product. The Director must understand the basics in order to be able to control the processes associated with it.

In a good way, you need to know a lot. The project Manager should never take the word of the experts on the project. Tested repeatedly on their own experience. 

It is very important for those who like IT - a dense forest, to get at least basic knowledge. Otherwise, he runs a high risk of being held hostage to a situation where experts, in fact, will manipulate his decisions in their favor.

This is very similar to what happens at a doctor's appointment. The doctor has recommended a prescription for you, and you are already deciding what to do with it. But this opinion of the doctor is essentially decisive.

Knowledge reduces your dependence on 'experts'

To avoid this situation, you can do

  1. Master the basic knowledge of creating a product.
  2. Find a person (figuratively speaking, a technical Director) who will cover all your technical questions. The option is not ideal, because in the end, you, in fact, shift all the technical decisions to this person, but in fact you are still responsible for his decisions. 

Key knowledge needed to create your own web project

So what does the person who decided to make a product need to know?

  • First. How the Internet works. What is the IP? how does the site work? Where is site data stored? What is DNS? (in General, find a dictionary of Internet web development terms and learn all of them)
  • Second. What are site creation systems (CMS)? The main features of the CMS? View videos about the most popular CMS.
  • The third. What are the possible ways to create a site? (CMS, framework, development from scratch, semi-finished products)
  • Fourth. How to work with freelancers and contractors. What pitfalls are there when working? How do I interact with the contractor? Nuances of contracts.
  • Fifth. Basics of promotion. Semantic core, contextual advertising, search engine optimization basics, basic web Analytics, SMM, copywriting.
  • the
  • Sixth. Unit Economics. How much does one user cost? How do I account for costs? What is conversion? What is LTV? 

P.S. We did a small free course at the end of 2019 for people who create their own products (#product-owner). Take it as a starting point and plan a deeper study of the basics of becoming your product.


To start a project, you don't need to know everything in depth and breadth. The study of these disciplines is an iterative continuous process

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