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Step-by-step website creation. Software product development process

Step-by-step website creation. Software product development process
We will show you how to start working on your project in the first person.

We have described our vision in the form of a small course

Product owner. Course on creating your own software product

Here I will mark the main points that I do in the place of the person who starts a web project

Let's say I have an idea. We tested it for a certain target audience. The prospects are bright, everyone is looking forward to something big and successful, and it's time to move on to product development.

Reducing the volume of the first version

First of all, I would reduce the functionality to a minimum. You can select the core of the product and focus on it. And everything else is just put off until better times. This will allow you to specify the key part in more detail and make it more qualitative.

It also indirectly affects the timing and budget. It is cheaper, easier and faster to implement something small, than to make a product-minced meat for a long time and persistently. Therefore, the first stage is to allocate the project core.

The first version of the product should be as easy and fast as possible

What should I do with advice?

Let's say that I don't really understand site development, and my knowledge doesn't overlap with IT in any way.

I need a person who will help me choose programmers, promoters, and promotion strategies in general. At the same time, I will understand that it is all the same to me to make decisions, and all responsibility lies with me. 

I will not blindly trust their opinion, and I will need justification.

«To hell with your expert opinion, give a reasonable reason for your decision»

Let's say I found a few people for such consultations (ideally, they should not be interested parties). I won't abuse in no way their attention and time, stating everything as simply, articulately and clearly as possible, and not sit on their ears with banal questions.

Next, I will select the team in accordance with the principles described in another article.


In parallel with the project, I will study the theory of startups, the basics of web development and promotion in the network for a basic understanding of what is what, and where problems may arise in the way of my solution. 

I will pay attention to financial planning. Even with all the uncertainties that exist in the project, you need to build your expectations about costs, plus I will compare my expenses with the initial financial plan. Some spending will be adequate to the current situation, some spending will simply be an act of faith that it does not work yet, but then it will work.

Step-by-step approach 

I divide the entire project up to the first release (i.e. what we plan to get at launch) into some milestones.

This makes it easier to control the process. This will allow me to understand in time that something is wrong with the contractor. I will demand solid artifacts from contractors, not just assurances that everything will be fine.

There will be intermediate control points On the project (for example, passing the stage) that will help me keep my finger on the pulse.

In any case, I will not perceive contractors as opponents who want easy money and my task is to squeeze the maximum I can. This is a road to nowhere in a long-term project. My task as a project Manager is to build the most trusting relationships with all contractors and move the project forward together. At the same time, I understand that contractors have their own interests and do not need to demand "do a feat for my project".

Planning and adaptation

Finally, I will constantly review the project development plan to take into account the emerging risks and opportunities for the project. I will flexibly adapt to the changing environment, and not try to convince everyone of my initial correctness in the idea of the product. In the end, the market will put everything in place, and this is the highest justice.

P.S. There is a special article about the risks of the project - Risks of a web project.  Also look - How do I choose a programmer or contractor for a project?

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