How to maximize impact of Falcon Space

Let's say you run a website on the Falcon Space platform, but do you use all the features? In this article, we will look at some of the features that can be implemented fairly quickly in the system, which can improve the characteristics of your project in terms of convenience and clarity for users, as well as the functionality of individual elements.

Most of these functions require small settings through SQL.

Chat for user support

You can turn on a special chat that will appear at the bottom right to support your users. Moreover, you can use different chats for different groups of users. There is an example of such a chat on this site.

For details on setting up 

Search on the map

If you have some geo objects stored in the database, you can implement displaying these objects on the map. This works as one of the modes of the table component.

You can see an example here. 

PWA mobile apps

For a site on Falcon Space, you can quickly make it possible to install the site icon on a mobile device (it will be launched under the guise of a separate mobile application, but in fact it is the same browser). To do this, use the app's PWA mode.

Article about comparing mobile native apps and PWA apps 

Settings PWA 

Notify and PUSH notifications

The database of your application stores and processes all information about your project. You can analyze it according to certain rules and issue notifications about certain situations (for example, collisions in data or undesirable object States) for a certain period (for example, once a day).

You can also make PUSH notifications with a link to a page in the system, so that the user receives notifications when the browser is minimized.

Display modes for the table component

Table is not just a table. These are also Gantt, Kanban, Chart, Chartbar, and Timeline modes. In other words, there are various options for displaying data for list information.

For display examples, see demo stand.

API for external systems

You can create your own program interface that you can connect to from the outside and interact with the system programmatically using a specific protocol.

An example is the work of the supplier with the data of its catalogue on the site.

API documentation 

Metrics panel

The system collects various data about users ' work in the system: registration, ordering, page visits, etc. You can use this data to create your own reports in the form of tables or graphs. You can start with the simplest tables and gradually complicate them, and add new data. The simplest example is tracking key indicators by week to analyze the current project situation.

An example can be found in the demo stand. 


Implementation of additional landing pages

If you have different audiences that need to be brought to the site, it makes sense to sharpen the landing page for them. In other words, lead all users not to the main page, but to a separate landing page specially created for this type of user.

You can make any landing page, preferably the layout should be on Bootstrap 4.

You can also take ready-made free landing pages (examples can be selected here).

Import / export through Excel

In some cases, it is easier for users to upload data through Excel than manually entering data through a form.

The platform has a mechanism that allows you to set an Excel template and implement your own business logic for loading data from an Excel file generated by the template.

More information about import through Excel. 

Printing forms and tables and uploading data from a certain table

For tables, you can easily enable uploading to Excel. The table will be unloaded directly as it is displayed on the page.

In some cases, additional processing of Excel is required to bring it to the desired form (but this gives the operator the flexibility to quickly get data in Excel for subsequent transmission outside the system).

You can also enable form and table printing mode to send data to the printer. This does not print the entire page in a pile of unnecessary data, but only the form/table data.

Master of hints

To make it easier for the user to get acquainted with the interface, you can enable the interface familiarization mode for the user - the user will follow the interface prompts when they first visit the page.

The master is set in the page's SQL as a set of elements (text, element selector on the page).

You can view the work of the hint master here.

You can find a description of setting up the page hint master here. 

Sub-tables and modal tables / forms

These tools allow you to create very flexible pages where information is hidden in table substrings and links to modal Windows. In fact, you can implement a lot of related functionality within a single page.

Moreover, modal forms/tables can be called from different parts of the program (for example, by creating a certain element statistics widget as a modal form, you can then use it in different parts of the program).

Example of a similar interface on the demo stand. 

Universal global search

A search for any role in the system can be placed at the top of any page.

The search can be done on a different set of objects for different roles (for example, the Manager searches for customers and orders, and the administrator searches for users and static pages).

Using this search significantly speeds up the operator's work - it immediately searches for the necessary information and goes to it, bypassing the transition to the desired section (for example, the Clients section).

An example of such a search is on this site at the top.

Telegram bot

You can implement a Telegram bot that responds to user commands.

The Telegram user contacts the site user through his account.

In the stored procedure for the project, the system's response to each Telegram user command is set.

The bot can be used to notify the user, or to speed up the user's response (for example, the user receives requests for telegram and can mark them as ACCEPTED for PROCESSING by a certain command).

Setting up a telegram bot 

An example of how a telegram works is in demo auction solution.

Connecting to another database

If you need to process data in an external database of a different type (not MS SQL), the platform provides such features.

On the demo stand, there is an example of connecting to PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. 

If you have an external MS SQL database, then interaction with it is greatly simplified and, in fact, all queries are written as usual in Falcon (you only need to give the SQL Falcon user the necessary rights to someone else's MS SQL database).

About setting up such features connecting to an external database. 

Generation of documents

You can generate various documents in Docx and Excel format-invoices, acts, invoices, sales pitch, etc.

A certain document template is Set, procedures for substituting data into these templates are created, and as a result, the button generates documents for the user that they can download.

An example of document generation is available on the demo stand.

Periodically run various procedures

In some cases, you need to run some periodic procedures, such as monitoring a situation or sending some data to an external system.

The system has its own cron service that allows you to run such periodic requests.

About crown service settings. 


The system has tools for embedding sounds (for example, when a certain event occurs on a page).

This requires custom development in JS.



The system allows you to implement translation of both the program interface and the data processed in the system.

Implementation of a multilanguage and translation does not happen automatically. You need to translate the fields of each form/table/page manually.

The developer admin panel has the necessary tools for this.

How to do localization of the site

Quick actions panel

You can set up a different set of actions for each role that they constantly trigger. These actions are accessible from any page and have keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+[Number]).

Think about what typical actions the user performs and enter them in the quick access toolbar (this can be a modal form, a modal table, or a link).

Learn more about setting up quick action panels (SELECT 3 в GetLayout)

Image and PDF generators

You can generate images with text, images, and lines in PDF and JPG format. Uploading to PDF is not intended for generating large documents, but rather for labels and small graphic creatives (for example, a memo or leaflet).

The possibilities of styling tables

The tables contain a lot of additional styling tools. This allows you to make tables visually more attractive, as well as to place information more compactly and visually.

An example placed on the main page of the demo stand 

These elements are also described in the platform usability guide 


The calendar can display some data from the database (order dates, important events, appointments, etc.).

Calendar demo stand 

P.S. Look at the sections sometimes Features and Updates - they introduce new system features that you can also use when updating your platform instance.

P.P.S.In this guide we have put together various elements of usability that the platform provides by default. 

The author of the article is Ruslan Ryanov

The creator of the Falcon Space platform

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