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How to promote the site. First steps to promote the marketplace

This situation is quite common. The customer plans to launch their own marketplace for a specific industry. An engine is created for the project, put into operation, and then ... everything is gradually wasting away. There is no traffic, there are few suppliers of goods, and the project falls into a certain stupor and stagnation. That is, the project exists only formally (there is no activity). 

The reasons for the failure of the marketplace

In my opinion, there are only two main reasons for such failures. 

1. The offer is not interesting to suppliers or buyers on the site.the Site has been implemented and put into operation, but it is easier for the supplier and buyer to work directly. In other words, there is no added value for the site's participants. And it, obviously, should be, and there is no sense to work through the site and pay a conditional 5-20% Commission is unclear for what, participating on the site. 

The source of this error is the project Manager's preconception that they know what the target audience needs. If ideas are not tested on real people, but just a big project is made on the big faith of the management-usually nothing good comes out of it. An additional problem is inflexibility. People doesn't want to try and experiment with different approaches to the consumer. And this is exactly what you need to do in any startup, trying to find out what is valuable to people and what they are willing to pay for. 

2. The product is not being marketed in any way.  Strange as it may seem, many people with whom I have talked about creating a marketplace have confidence that everything will somehow start by itself and will give a profit. Above all, we would like to make the site itself as quickly as possible. This is a mistaken belief. The platform is not easy to make. But the main difficulty is its promotion and formation. You need to do a lot to develop the site. 

In this article, we will offer our vision of how to take the first steps to promote the marketplace.

If you are planning to create a marketplace, then at least you should learn and know the main activities that you will have to implement after putting the marketplace engine into operation. 

Suffice to say, I am not an expert in promotion. My specialty is SOFTWARE development, not SEO, SMM, and so on. Our main product is the Falcon Space platform, which allows you to quickly create personal accounts, CRM, and platforms. Read more here https://falcon.web-automation.ru/

In my subjective opinion, the promotion market is a incomprehensible something, where the result is not obvious, the terms for feedback can be more than 4-6 months and there is no guarantee of the result. Moreover, some active 'promoters' may harm rather than help the project. We have tried to attract outside experts to our projects (Web-automation.ru), but each time it turned out that the promoters either advised very controversial decisions, or cost very expensive with an obvious result. Therefore, we have chosen the path of independent promotion. There is nothing complicated in this, plus understanding the mechanics of promotion allows us to better create technical solutions for clients ' tasks.

It is extremely important to understand the main elements of promotion yourself, even if you plan to attract a team of specialists in this field. This will help you better understand where the promotion provider is not acting in your best interests.I also hope that those customers who make a project based on our solutions will approach the issue of site promotion in more detail, which will increase the project's chances of commercial success. 

Site promotion plan

We will divide all the work on promotion into blocks. Each block will be described separately in this article. Get ready to dig deep into each issue separately. Think of this article as a road map, but not an exhaustive guide to promotion.

Unit 1. The concept of promotion

In this section, we need to define the key elements for promotion. We need to understand what we sell, who needs our platform, why they will use our platform, how we will reach them. Another way, we need to work out the basic elements of marketing and sales. 

Unit 2. Semantics and content

Content (site materials) is the basis of promotion. Bad content is not interesting to anyone. Good content is not only the essence, but also the form. If your content is difficult to find on the web, it will not be read. It is necessary to create materials taking into account the consumer's demand for content. You should take an active part in creating content, because copywriters, programmers, and content managers do not understand your business issues well. 

Unit 3. Internal optimization

The site should be optimized for the most pleasant 'communication' of the site with the search system. This is an extremely important point - you may have very good content, but search system just can't read it. Here we will talk about what should be on your site, and how to control this moment. 

Unit 4. External promotion

Let's talk about activities on external platforms, buying links, working with partners, etc.  Perhaps, I am the least competent in this area. However, I can give you a general understanding of where you need to go and what tools can help you do this. 

Unit 5. Web product analytics

It is important to understand where we are going, what the situation is on the project, whether our users like the site, and what problems users have. 

Each unit is a separate article. 

Web analytics will help us do this. This is a tool that allows you to analyze user behavior on your site and track progress in achieving your promotion goals. 

Note. There are a lot of promotion materials and smart tips on the web. In reality, these tips are very difficult to apply. Do A/B tests, conduct cohort analysis, and use the relevance map. It seems that all these are simple ideas, but little is said about their real application in practice (this is understandable, since the main task of these tips is not to help, but to order their services for these activities). 

I don't have a goal to sell you promotion services.

My goal is to formulate the main elements of promotion, so that in the future just 'refer' to this article interested in the promotion of their site. 

Also an important point - I support only 'white' promotion, promotion in meaning, without tricks or attempts to deceive the search engine. In the end, there is no point in tricking users into coming to the site only to have them leave it in frustration. Focus on quality content and achieving the user's goal on the page. The rest is all from the evil one.  
If you have any questions during the study, write to the chat on the site (bottom right). 


The described promotion ideas are not something specific to sites. You can use this approach to promote any site. 

Next article in the cycle 'Marketing of the marketplace. What does the platform sell and to whom?'

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