How do I create a client service in the form of a client's personal account?

The development of the user's personal account for the site is a future trend in the development of CRM systems.

You probably already have a pool of regular customers and are thinking about optimizing customer service. Creating a client's personal account in your business can help solve this problem.

In this article, we will look at what a client service is, what it gives to a business, what tasks it solves, and what it consists of. We will also show our version of implementing such a client service on the example of Falcon Resort-a tourist/guest office at a resort / hotel.After reading this article, you will have a complete understanding of the process of creating such a solution for your business.

What is a client service

Your business serves customers. Sales can be made over the phone or in person, and invoices and certificates can be sent manually or via email.

The customer Selects and orders services through a sales Manager.

For such tasks, you can create a client's personal account in your ecosystem.

Imagine that a client goes to their office, sees personal prices in the catalog, has a discount, sees the history of their orders, and can download any documents for them. He also receives various important notices in its orders him to "fall" into the study of various special offers that were generated specifically for him. 

Sounds good, doesn't It?  That is, in fact, it is a certain "corner" of the client in your "business house".

Client's Personal account - their "corner" in your business

Why does business need this?

  • This increases customer loyalty. If I have 4000 points in your business, will I go to the competition (all other things being equal)? 
  • This reduces the cost of customer service.
  • The human factor is reduced. The customer chooses and orders it, and then tracks the order himself.
  • you Don't need to have a large call center to explain trivial customer questions. Now they can independently view everything in their personal account. 
  • This gives you constant contact with the buyer. Email messages from companies are sent to spam. Telemarketing only irritates the consumer. You are implicitly promoting additional services and offers through your personal account.
  • Being on your "territory" the client will more favorably perceive any offers from you. 
  • Reduces the risk of theft and theft of the client. If everything goes through the system, it is much more difficult for an unscrupulous employee to negotiate with the client about working around the firm.
  • Also, the client service allows you to partially solve the loss of a client who is trying to poach your former seller. The client is no longer tied purely to the identity of your seller, he interacts with the company through his personal account.

For business, client service in the form of an account makes the client closer and more accessible

Why does the client need this?

  • This allows you to save money. Personal promotions, cumulative discounts.
  • This gives information. A person can quickly get all the necessary information about your services and facilities (for example, if the Bank has information about the nearest ATMs). 
  • This simplifies orders. The client minimizes the cost of their interaction with you. The easier it is to buy - the lower the chances that it will get out of the way on the way to order from you.

What the client service consists of

Everything revolves around orders. This is what the consumer came for. Almost every part of the customer service is linked to the order mechanism in one way or another.

Placing an order
The Customer selects the necessary services and products and creates an order. This may be accompanied by paying for an online order. It can also be integrated with other systems (for example, a transport system calculator).
Order history and view order progress
The Customer can see what they ordered earlier. You can also study the status of each order in detail and contact the order Manager. 
Points, bonuses, cumulative discount
Each order is a new score in the customer's piggy Bank. Points can be exchanged for products (which increases the average receipt and repeat purchases). Points can give a certain status in the system, which increases customer loyalty.
Special offers
If you can really make good special offers, then this will be another reason for the client to use their personal account.At the same time, you can create certain clubs (like Ikea Family), for which special discounts will apply. This draws the client deeper into your system. In fact, clubs can segment your audience (young mothers, families, seniors, etc.) and send them special content and offers. 
Road to dinner spoon. It is important to notify a person about important events in time. "Your order is ready", "the Order is delivered to such and such an address", "there is a free place For the master", etc. Notifications can be sent via push or messenger. The more old-fashioned option is to send an email or TEXT message. Push notifications, Telegram, email and SMS are implemented in your system.   
The client should know as much as Possible about your business and its services. For sure, you have happened so that you come to the resort, and only on the 6th day you find out that there is a free tennis court a little further away. A personal account would solve this problem. A person on arrival could immediately see all the information: what the hotel offers, what is nearby, what is the cost. 

Prompt communication and contact with the client is Very important

It is important for a person to be able to quickly ask a question, get information, and move on.
Phone for feedback is a bad option! Why? We need a prompt response. If the client does not respond for at least 30 seconds, this is a negative.
If the site will be able to write to the chat Manager, the client will write and go about their business. We can instinctively wait for a response in the chat. If you answer right away-very good. If within an hour - also good!  

It is very important for the client that you are "at hand". I have a question-I immediately asked you through my office.the merchant profile Will also help you immediately get all the information about the customer: who they are, what they ordered, how much they ordered, which clubs they belong to, and what discount they have. 

If he just calls you on the phone, you will have to use the CRM number to search for information very quickly and process it, while communicating with the client. If the Manager is not very fast by nature, then the client gets the impression of being slow (he does not know that the Manager is simultaneously looking for information about him).If this is a chat, then this problem is solved. You can start a chat, and while the client is writing, you can safely study the information on it and work out what you can offer. 

Our demo of customer service on the example of a resort

Imagine the situation, you come to the resort. They speak English at the reception, but you are not very good at it. They tell you something in broken Russian and explain what to do next. You understand 20% of what is said, you fill in something while in a deep trance state.

Then you are taken to your room, and only then do you come to your senses a little and start looking around. You are given a certain booklet, where beautiful pictures, almost no information of interest to you. It is also problematic to ask a question, because it is difficult to translate into English and even more difficult to recognize what was answered.

And now go back a bit. You arrive at the hotel. You don't know the language. You are given a piece of paper in your language, where the site address, your username, password (and wifi data) are log in from your mobile phone, select a language, and see a greeting in your own language and General introductory information on the steps.

demo Registration

Let's say you have registered at the reception. In the room, you can learn more about what is in the hotel, what are the routines, when there will be lunch and dancing.

You can see what excursions and events are available, and book participation in them.

The author of the article is Ruslan Ryanov

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