Статья рассматривает нюансы, которые мешают комфортной ежедневной работа пользователя на сайте....
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How to make a convenient website

How to make a convenient website
The article discusses the nuances that interfere with the user's comfortable daily work on the site.

Initially, I planned to show you how to make your site user-friendly using our Falcon Space platform. What it contains to ensure comfortable operation and how it can be easily configured.

But then I realized that convenience is not provided by technical elements: Windows, buttons, switches, and so on. All this leaves a pleasant impression, but nothing more.

Real convenience can only be found in everyday work.

In general, the user hardly notices the interface over time. Whatever program he worked for, in a month it will simply not notice the design or interface. On one condition, if it does not irritate him and does not interfere with his daily operations.

I propose to consider the disadvantages of the program

What irritates the user in the site where he constantly works.

System deceleration

It is because of these problems that some people do not like solutions on Bitrix or 1C. Constant delays in the interface make the user nervous and distract from the main tasks. The system must be as responsive as possible to the user.

Manual routine operations

If the system forces the user to do manual operations from time to time, and there are options that allow you to do this through automation, this will irritate the user.

Example-filling in data for clients. You've already been to this Bank. But you are asked for all the data in a new way, although they could just find you in the database by your full name and substitute/recheck the data.

Too much data

When a large amount of incomprehensible data is dumped on a user, it scares them and puts them under stress. You need to give the user a sense of control over the system. It is better to give data in chunks. The main thing - in sight, all the specific-you need to fall deep into the indicators.

If you constantly send a bunch of unnecessary notifications to a user, they first try to cope with this flow, and then just stop responding to them in any way. Thus, the notification system disappears from its field of view altogether.

There is no single process

Before, when I started making our system, I just created tables for managing certain entities (finances, projects, documents, stages, etc.) and to create a stage, you had to run through different tables and create entities.in Other words, the system just allowed you to save certain data, filter it, and change it. But there was no single process or stage In which I could do all the necessary operations in one place.

The user must have an interface that is as close as possible to the process in which they work (client, application, history, status).

It should not think in terms of the system and its objects. It must think within its own process (for example, process an incoming request).

Excess functions/defocus

Daily work on the site involves the same actions.

The user usually uses 5% of the system's capabilities on a daily basis.

Identify these 5% of opportunities and turn them to the maximum. Keep everything else out of his sight. Make this 5% as accessible, convenient, fast, and customizable as possible.

If the system has a lot of functions that are simply not used, they just take up valuable space on the screen and interfere with the user, distract him from the main tasks. Make the user focus on the main thing, and hide everything else in an accessible place (the main thing is not to overdo it).


If sum up, site usability - this is the speed where the user hardly notices the delay from the browser. This site focuses as much as possible on the user's current task. It is focused on the user's daily tasks. Don't show us how much we have in the system. A convenient site does not overload the user with unnecessary data.

A convenient site takes into account business processes, and is not just a tool for storing information. When performing processes, all actions should be automated to the maximum. If additional data can be extracted from other sources (for example, the company's TIN data), then use it.

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