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How to create an exchange for remote work and freelancing on an auction script: a ready-made auction solution from Falcon Space

How to create an exchange for remote work and freelancing on an auction script: a ready-made auction solution from Falcon Space
In this article we propose to consider how to create a freelance exchange based on a ready-made solution such as an auction of services.

Worldwide, there is a growing trend in the number of freelancers and an increase in their skill level. This is the conclusion reached by the initiators of the freelance market research. The global freelance market was evaluated by a research group supported by the University of Toronto based on 1,900 questionnaires collected from 75 large sites where freelancers are involved. The freelance market in Russia was evaluated by the platform «Professionals 4.0». Today there are 160,000,000 freelancers in the world, and in Russia the number of self-employed citizens has increased by more than 1.6 million people over the past 6 months. This is despite the fact that less than 40% of freelancers are officially registered.

All this suggests that creating a new generation freelance exchange and making money on it is not only possible, but also promising with the right approach. One of the promising options — is a freelance exchange creation on  auction script.

In this article we propose to consider how to create a freelance exchange based on a ready-made solution such as an auction of services.

Create a freelance exchange platform: an action plan

How to start creating an exchange for remote work of freelancers? There are already large freelance sites in Russia where performers and customers find each other, but many freelancers are not satisfied with them for various reasons. Therefore, before starting to develop the concept of a new exchange, it is worth figuring out what does not suit your potential customers and partners in the existing solutions, and exploring the market to offer a better alternative.

  1. Formulate the idea of your project. Since the number of freelancers is constantly growing and the scope of their activities is expanding, you should study the demand and choose the most promising niche that can close the real problem of a certain segment. Moreover, you can focus on both the interest of performers and the interests of customers.
  2. Conduct marketing research, in particular, study competitors, communicate with a potential target audience, find out their problems, pains and wishes. What disadvantages do they face?
  3. Conduct a commercial potential analysis. Before getting involved in a project to create a new freelance portal, it makes sense to assess whether you can make money on this project. To do this, you will have to count the money and earnings of your competitors. An indirect indicator may be the time of the site"s existence, its densely populated by customers and freelancers.
  4. Make up the concept of your freelance exchange website: formulate the purpose of the exchange, who it is designed for and how you see the structure of the site. At this stage, it will not be superfluous to think over the interaction of participants and ways of monetization, ways to promote and attract users.
  5. Decide on which script you plan to create a website on, whether it will be a website from scratch or development based on a ready-made solution. As a ready-made solution, you can consider creating a freelance exchange on a script “auction”.
  6. Send your concept to possible performers with a request for an evaluation of the work and sending a commercial proposal for the development of a freelance exchange.
  7. Specify all the nuances of the maintenance of the finished site. Evaluate the possibilities of finalizing the solution and its development, for which you will have to pay extra and calculate how much the content will cost you exchange platform. In fact, this is the stage of creating a business plan: how quickly will you reach the stage of self-sufficiency and profitability from the work of the exchange.
  8. Development and approval of the terms of reference. If we are talking about using a ready-made solution, then you need to study the demo version and describe what you would like to change in the ready-made solution for your site.
  9. Choose and register a domain, choose hosting, where will “be located” your exchange platform.
  10. Give the developer the authority to configure your site for the future freelance exchange.
  11. Fill the configured site with content and start attracting users and promoting the exchange in the circles of the target audience.

Demonstration of an auction for freelancers based on a ready-made solution Falcon Auction

Falcon Auction is a ready-made solution for the auction of services. On its basis, you can create a freelance exchange, where the Customer creates a project with a task, and the performers respond to it, offering their own terms of performance on time and price. The customer chooses the contractor with the most acceptable conditions for himself and works with him through the platform. The service allows you to protect the interests of both the Customer and the Contractor.

Auction demonstration is available in demo solution format. 

Before proceeding to a practical introduction to the capabilities of the platform, let"s look at the key elements for the freelancers exchange.

The exchange will be based on an auction of orders for freelancers and a catalog of freelance performers. At the auction setup stage, you can manage and modify the business logic. You can set up an automatic selection of a freelancer and a competitive approach, or you can give the customer the right to choose the most suitable person among the performers. 

Catalog of projects available to freelancers

Financial transactions can be carried out directly on the platform thanks to integration with the payment gateway. You can also track the movement of finances on accounts.

The built-in function of replenishment of the account and withdrawal of funds from the account of the contractor and the customer

The Arbitration function will help resolve disputes between the Customer and the Freelancer. This will protect against unscrupulous performers and fraudulent actions of Customers. This approach makes the platform attractive to customers and freelancers in any field of activity.

Moderation of content on the exchange protects against offensive and obscene statements in comments, incorrectly assigned tasks and uninformative reviews.

The system of personal accounts for the site, implemented through the auction script

The ready-made Falcon Auction solution is based on the Falcon Space platform, therefore it provides for the creation of personal cabinets - a workplace on the site. This makes it possible to provide each user with a workplace.

In practice, the system of personal accounts assumes three main roles: Customer, Freelancer and Moderator / Site Administrator. Each personal account assumes an available set of certain functions.

The necessary functionality is provided in the personal account of the freelancer-performer,  which will help him find and take on suitable orders, and then get paid for his work.

In implementer's personal account there is an information dedicated to the tariff, transactions, projects in operation and rating

The customer's workplace. Assumes functionality for the placement of the project and the selection of the optimal performer.

In the cabinet, the customer sees information about placed orders, their status

Since the exchange operates on an auction script, the customer has the opportunity to choose the most experienced and competent performer at the lowest price. From the personal account, the customer can offer the project to candidates who seemed particularly interesting to him or her through the catalog of performers.  

Implementers" catalog

Shop of ready works. Here executors can sell their finished works at a fixed price, and the customer can quickly purchase a digital product that they liked. This is relevant for the freelance text exchange, designers, photographers, illustrators.

Shop of ready works

The functionality of the Administrator's office. Through his office, the site Administrator manages the work of the site. He or she checks the content of the site's users, resolves disputes between freelancers and customers, helps solve technical difficulties, etc.

A distinctive feature of a ready-made auction for creating a freelance exchange  the fact is that it can be adapted to specific requests and is relatively easy to develop and refine in the future, expanding the capabilities of users by introducing ready-made modules or more complex improvements for your project. The low cost of the first launch, a minimum of restrictions and additional expenses allow you to quickly test ideas and change the approach.

Meet the features of the auction of services in demo versions.

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