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How to create a CRM with the ability to customize and expansion

What is CRM in simple words

CRM is a customer service tool. This is a tool for tracking data on interaction with current and potential customers.

In this article, we will talk only about non-typical CRM systems.

Why are standard CRM systems not suitable?

I assume that you have already tried to implement various ready-made CRM solutions such as Bitrix, AMO or something similar. Yes, they have a wide functionality. Yes, they have many integrations. Yes, they are very inexpensive to maintain. Still, they don't suit you for a number of reasons.

In this article, we will talk about what to do with this, and what is the way out of this situation.

We will also take a closer look at our 'Basic CRM with development capability' approach.

What is the problem with typical CRM systems?

The most popular CRM systems are HubSpot CRM, Freshsales, Bitrix24.

Why do people use them?

Simple entrance

You can set up and start working very quickly. Just a couple of hours.

The ability to customize for yourself

You can make your own funnel, remove or add some fields. This is all important for business.

Low cost of ownership

In fact, you don't need a developer to support it, and this is a big plus for most small businesses.

Reduced maintenance costs

Data is stored in the cloud, and data processing is handled by an external party. This is a plus on the one hand,and a minus on the other.

However, if you try to fully adapt them to yourself, then there are difficulties. This is a problem for any product. You can buy it, quickly customize it for yourself, but if you need to do some steps, then there are difficulties.

Often, each of us has its own way of processing customer requests, its own chips in the process of providing services. We either have to accept the universality of CRM and discard our unique process, or we start using some tricks and additional tools (for example, Excel) to process the information that does not 'fit' into the standard set of CRM functions.

Either box or custom development?

What could it be? What is missing in standard CRM boxes?

Customer's personal account with a set of unique features (perhaps even a mobile app). This kind of customer service can be considered as the development of CRM into something more, when the customer and the seller begin to work in a single space, located in the ecosystem of the seller's business.

Setting complex commercial offers, calculating the order. If you have a certain difficult service, it implies a specific type of commercial offer and unique moments for creating an estimate to order. In universal systems, this is problematic to implement, because each industry will have its own unique way. Moreover, even two different businesses within the same industry will have differences in the way commercial offers is formed.

Complex process of approving project parameters and connecting additional participants. Let's say you want not just a CRM, but a system where sellers work closely with technical specialists who prepare information for a future project. In this case, the process becomes more complicated, and new statuses appear - preparation of documentation, approval of project issues, etc.

Why do such giants as Bitrix24 or AMO not implement these nuances in their CRM?

The reason is their universality. They work for a broad market, and cannot afford to delve into specific industries. Their product is a mass market suitable for most companies that do not require or do not want to implement their unique process (for most, it is still a matter of allocating a budget for this).

Most companies do not use CRM at all and do business either in Excel or on paper. If you are thinking about your CRM, and you do not fit standard solutions - you can be congratulated. You have probably already decided to survive and are optimizing the lead stream processing process.

What does your custom CRM give for your business?

Flexibility and adaptation to new realities

The System can be developed to suit your needs. Business is the emergence of new Windows of opportunity (and Windows of problems). It is important to be able to respond quickly to them. If our tools are late (for example, CRM), we lose efficiency.

Building your own lead management process

You can create your own unique sales process. This is especially true for B2B sales, where the transaction can take months to complete. It is important to make the most effective use of contacts with the client, and to be there when the client is ready to buy. It is even more important to work more closely with the customer after they have already purchased. After all, a customer who bought it is much easier to agree to buy from you again than a cold customer who does not know you and does not trust you.

Monitoring each step

If a lot of people work on an order, you can implement dense control over each stage and implement your own unique system of rules on the project. For example, if a technical specialist does not respond to an order within 24 hours, then send a notification to their supervisor.

Key features of a flexible CRM system

Quickly change the interface and business logic

The sales process is not set in stone. It must constantly change and improve. There was an idea how to improve - on the same day it must be implemented and used. This is the only way the process can be perfect. If you have to wait for 1-2 months, the idea may just fade away/get forgotten/lost (There is a contrary opinion, if the idea became irrelevant after a month, then it was not necessary to implement it. But still, it is the test in practice that should be the measure, not the Director's opinion).

Ability to implement any logic, any document formats, any order calculation

We used to make custom CRM for air deliveries. In the business logic of the project, you could really get lost and search for a way out for years. CRM should allow you to quickly find solutions. Yes, this may require the development of additional components. But if it allows you to sell more parts, then it is necessary.

Operating speed

The system should not be more 'braking' than the operator. If the system is slower, it reduces the pace and efficiency of the person's work. The system should be aimed as much as possible at reducing any barriers that prevent a person from working rhythmically in the system.

Easy entry and quick search for information

Any system is information input and output. Input should be simple and easy. Any information needs prompt and flexible access. 


It is very important to notify users of key actions in time. It is important not to fill them with unnecessary notifications (as a result, the person simply ceases to perceive any notifications at all). It is important to give key notifications in a measured manner and at the right time.

Automatic data capture and collection of information together

It is Important to simplify the collection of information as much as possible. If a manual action is implied somewhere, this increases the risk that this action will not be done. It is necessary to gradually implement a system in which everything that can be done must be automated. This reduces the risk of errors in the future and reduces costs for sellers, as well as increases their efficiency (let them sell, rather than as doctors - half of the reception is engaged in medical records).

Our demo of the basic part of the CRM system

There are a lot of things missing from our CRM demo. As of February 2020, it does not have IP telephony, mail integration, calendar integration, and much more.

But in my opinion, it has the main thing-the possibility of deep adaptation to yourself and a set of important features which you can use in your business processes:

  • Telegram chatbots
  • Universal forms/tables
  • Flexible notifications
  • Nested metrics and dashboards
  • and much more. See the catalog of platform features - https://falconspace.site/list/features
  • - https://falcon.web-automation.ru/list/features

The main idea is to take the basic CRM solution and further develop it for your business, taking into account your specifics.

What includes a basic solution

Dashboard of the Manager

The manager sees key indicators for his activities, and also has quick access to the main actions and the most active leaders.

Editing directories

In fact, it is a service page that allows you to manage the main directories in the CRM-Sources, customer Categories, reasons for leaving, etc.

Base of clients

Table of all clients, with restricted access by Manager. It is possible to filter by status and search by name, color coding by client status.

Сlient page / lead

On the page, you can edit basic information about the client, add contact persons, change statuses based on a specific business logic, keep records of files/documents, and maintain a history of relations with the client. Additionally, you can place comments with tags (color coding), as well as add a notification tag - you will receive a notification for this comment on the appointed day.

The system has Contacts and Contractors

The client is linked to a single Counterparty and may contain multiple contacts.

We plan to make a separate demo on the universal Client service, it will have a tight integration with CRM. I consider client service as a development of a CRM system that allows you to be closer to the client.

The Demo is located at demo.web-automation.ru

What is included in the CRM

Key parts of the basic Falcon CRM solution that we offer

  • The Falcon Space box Itself. Falcon space is more of a platform for creating business applications, rather than a specific solution for a business task.
  • Basic CRM solution. This is what was described above. This is a very important point. The solution can be further developed and adapted to your needs.
  • Configured hosting (or VPS server), domain, SSL. We can configure the application on your Windows Server, or host it on a hosting service Reg.ru (tariff win 0 - this is more than enough).

You can start the basic part of the system Relatively quickly, and then gradually develop and adapt it to your needs

Expansion points

An important point is that we assume that any boxed solution can and should be adjusted to suit your needs. Therefore, we implement the basic solution and, through design work, finalize the solution to the desired state.

Any solution on Falcon Space contains multiple expansion points

  • You can create new accounting objects (for example, enter projects, orders, commercial proposal, finances, objects that are specific to you, and so on).
  • You can change the business logic of existing pages (for example, connecting production elements).
  • You can change the appearance of pages, customize the project's styling (corporate colors, logo, fonts).
  • You can integrate with external systems via a universal API (for example, telephony, call tracking, email mailing lists).

How much does a CRM system based on Falcon Space cost?

The basic cost of the Falcon CRM is shown on the page Price Price

What can I do to get an initial evaluation of such a project?

  1. Determine what the first version will include. What should be in the system during commissioning. The smaller the volume, the faster the project will be implemented, and the smaller the budget required for improvements.
  2. Determine the composition of cabinets/roles and pages in them. Start from our basic solution.
  3. Define briefly the features for each page.
  4. Specify all necessary integrations with external systems.

Such a document will already allow you to get a more or less accurate estimate (with a spread of +/-30%) for the budget and deadlines.

What does the CRM creation process look like?

The process of working on the project is described here - Working on a web project

Quick access from a smartphone

If we talk about native mobile apps (those that are installed via the AppStore and Google Play) - we do not make them. 

Our platform is fully responsive to mobile devices

Falcon Space also supports PWA technology. This practically blurs the difference between a mobile app and a website:

  • You can create an icon on your phone screen and launch it as an app.
  • There are geolocation functions, camera access, and some other functions.

The advantages of PWA

  • This is significantly cheaper than making essentially three apps: a website, IOS, and Android. The budget is reduced at times.
  • You can make changes faster. In a native app, updating requires the user to reinstall the app on their phone. On PWA, changes will be applied instantly to all users, since data is requested from the server.
  • There is no unnecessary padding in the AppStore form. Long moderation, the possibility of refusing to publish. PWA is easier to install on your phone - just click on the button (on IOS it is a little more difficult-Share/Add to my homescreen)
  • It is difficult to force the user to put something on the phone for security reasons, the space occupied on the phone.

The Manager can quickly enter information in the system in the fields. You can develop a much simpler page for mobile that allows you to simplify the process of entering information for field trips.

It's time to start the demo

Please follow the demo link to view our solution for the service platform demo.web-automation.ru

If you have any questions, please email us at Whatsapp

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How do I know the budget / timeline for my project?

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