В этой статье вы найдете несколько советов, которые помогут снизить затраты на сайт, а также минимизируют риски, связанные с кассовым разрывом на проекте.

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How to start a project with a minimum of costs? Website Cost Optimization

How to start a project with a minimum of costs? Website Cost Optimization
In this article you will find some tips that will help reduce the cost of the site, as well as minimize the risks associated with the cash gap in the project.

Any project can be launched with a minimum budget.

There are many effective tools to help you realize your project. In this article, we’ll look at how you can save money when creating a site.

First. Moderate your appetite

It often turns out that people with the most limited budget have the most desires and requirements for the project. Decide on the most important thing - and this is what you need to implement in the first place. Even if the budget is not enough to realize all your desires, the framework will be implemented and work. And this is the main thing!

Second. Look for simple solutions to your problems

If you can take a ready-made solution, and it suits you according to your capabilities, then you need to take it. You probably want a free HTML template, not your own unique design with a layout designed for the project. Almost any task can be solved in a very difficult way and very simple.

A good example is correspondence on a site. You can make a complex chat with a bunch of features (notifications, unique emoticons, videos, file transfers, etc.), or you can just comment that is visible only to two users. The second option may require X hours of work. And the first is 7 * X hours.

Third. Not enough budget - cut the size and capabilities of the system

It is not necessary for the first version to implement a full set of features. Implement a minimal package that covers the basic needs of users. 90% of Word features you don’t use, right? So first do exactly the same 10% in your product, and set aside the remaining 90% for better times.

In this case, the budget will be smaller, the project will be simpler, the result will be much faster.

Fourth. Learn, study and study again

This is a great phrase. It is the essence of a successful undertaking. You can’t be a layman and make a successful project. Be sure to study the theory of product creation. This will help you understand what you can save on and what should not. This will help make more accurate decisions. Use someone else's experience, analyze other people's mistakes. The most important thing is not to fall into the information business network 'seminar, training, master group'. Study real experience and plan your activities based on the knowledge gained.

You can’t be a layman and a simpleton

Fifth. Look closely at the market right away

Do not make the product in a vacuum. Work with your target audience in the earliest stages. This will help to understand what they still need (90% of the products fail because nobody simply needs them), and you can also find early followers of your startup, which is also very important.

First customer, then product

Sixth. Identify Hidden Costs

SEO, web development, contextual advertising are not as simple things as they might seem at first glance. There are a lot of nuances here. Try to maximize disclose all your future expense items: for promotion, for project support, for paying for additional services. This will protect you from unexpected surprises in the later stages of the project.

Require cost estimates from service providers, ask questions on implementation nuances, get as deep as your competencies allow you

PS Learn how web project pricing is formed to better understand the nuances of determining a budget for project.

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