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Marketing of the marketplace. What does the platform sell and to whom?

Marketing of the marketplace. What does the platform sell and to whom?
When creating a platform, we must firmly understand what we are betting on and why the consumer will eventually work on it, and not in the old-fashioned way, as they did before creating the platform. In this article, we will look at ways to attract and retain customers.

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When creating a platform, we must firmly understand what we are betting on and why the consumer will eventually work on it, and not in the old-fashioned way, as they did before creating the platform. 

Detailing the specifics of the marketplace

First, we need to determine which problem we are solving and whose problem it is. Describe the portrait of your target audience as specifically as possible.  The network has a lot of articles on the topic 'How to create a description of the target audience'.

Why is this necessary? For a better understanding of their problems and tasks. If you don't know your target audience, you almost certainly won't guess what they want. 

Second, detail the problems they have. Don't rush to get attached to your decision (site). Consider that it does not exist yet, and you need to understand understand the problem and the way consumers think, who face this problem.

For example, single programmers who are looking for clients. Where to start? How do I find my first customers? What should I offer them? How do I present myself? A lot of difficult questions, try to get used to the role of this target audience. The main problem is to get primary access to a potential client (for example, some American firm that needs a programmer), in mean get in touch with your target audience. The more accurately you formulate the problem and features of this programmer (introvert, very good PC skills, from the city-millionika, etc.), the more accurate offer you can make to him. 

The third is our solution.What can we offer to solve this problem? Formulate as specifically as possible how you will close the need for a 'programmer which is looking a job'.

For example, you can offer a service that will be brought together with the customer for a small percentage after checking their knowledge. 

What elements of my offer are particularly sensitive to the target audience (threshold cost, low сommission, site assistance, data exchange speed, security, etc.)
After creating an initial offer, try to 'sell' it or 'ask for advice' from representatives of the target audience. The earlier such people appear somewhere around the project, the fewer conceptual mistakes will be made. 

It is very important to make marketing in writing, and not consider yourself the God of marketing, keep everything in mind and in the course of the project already determine the main offer.

Such behavior at the first contact for me immediately shows the lack of seriousness of the approach and the inability to organize the project. 
It is easier to formulate once and then use it, than to tell the same thing every time, spending your own and other people's time on a detailed description of the essence of the project. 

CLIENT-PROBLEM-SOLUTION is the core of your platform.

Without a clear understanding of what you are selling, to whom, and why, the commercial risks of the project are very high. Work through this issue in advance and verify it with real consumers. 

Channels for attracting clients to the site

It is important to immediately understand how you will attract customers to yourself. What will be the main stream of traffic to your site? What are you betting on in this matter? You can find many channels on the web. Determine exactly which ones, how and to what extent you will use them. Decide how much and for how long you are willing to invest in these channels. Decide how you will measure the return from these channels. 

Sooner or later, you will still have to solve these issues in the project. It is better to solve them earlier, because this will allow you to calculate your power for the project more correctly. It may happen that a lot of the budget is spent on the technical part and endless polishing, but you should already start launching and attracting primary traffic. 

Ways to retain a client

It is very expensive to attract only new clients. 

It is necessary to develop mechanisms that will minimize the outflow of traffic. If a person has registered, they must stay with you. If he has left platform, then it is necessary to find ways to getting back. 

Define your onboarding process - mean the process of initial user adaptation on the site. Determine how you plan to periodically shake it and remind it of yourself. There is a fine invisible line here when these reminders can be considered spam.

Try to become a habit for the consumer.

How to make the consumer gets out of bed in the morning and goes to your service first? Here you need to learn from messengers and social networks. Watch how LinkedIn does It-register as a new person, set the maximum notification settings and just track their actions. 

What it can be for the site: notifications about orders, site visibility statistics, showing new suitable options, notification of changes in the rating or other indicators of gamification. 

There must be something really weighty on the site that will hold the consumer. There is no point in making a bunch of notifications and distracting users to something that they are not interested in. The site should provide added value, and not just be another Avito. Does your user have a real reason to return to the site? If not, leave it alone and close the project. Otherwise, you are doomed to constantly attract one-time users and lose them after closing a single transaction.This issue should be worked out before the initial technical development of the project. 

Promotion budget and site promotion plan

Based on what we have, you can make a more detailed promotion plan.Formulate your initial promotion goals, for example, I need 1000 1000 repair masters per month through direct who are looking for work on decoration.

Create a mini-brief, describe your promotion goal, and ask them to suggest a rough plan for how they plan to achieve this goal. Send to 5-10 promotion studios, and you will get an initial description with 10 plans and 10 budget estimates. On the basis of this, formulate your plan. в ходе появляются вопросы - задайте их самым толковым отозвавшимся специалистам. This way, first, you will make your own personal promotion plan, second, you will be able to understand how much money is needed for promotion, and third, you will find adequate promoters. 

As you can see, it is very important to immerse yourself in this process completely. If this is not done, the project is very likely to wander into the wrong place.

At least at the initial stage, you should feel everything with your hands and see it with your own eyes.

When this becomes an operational process, you can move away from it and monitor it using metrics. But it will not be soon, so you need to focus on your own manual work. 

With a specific plan in hand (with dates and detailed steps), you can relate this plan to your resources. You will also be able to immediately broadcast your expectations in the project by deadlines. Equally important, all project participants will understand what and when they plan to do it. Nothing is more depressing in a project than the situation when the project Manager does not have a plan for its development and moving forward. 

It was all. Document everything. In the next article, we will look at what content is, how to organize it on the site, and why it is so important for any promotion. 

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