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Processing customer orders on the website. Creating a service with personal customer service accounts

Processing customer orders on the website. Creating a service with personal customer service accounts
Let's consider our universal solution for processing customer orders through a personal account on the website.

In this article I will tell you about our universal solution for processing customer orders through a personal account on the website.

The solution covers both services and ordering of goods. 

The demo solution is available at - https://service.web-automation.ru/

Lending page with a description of the solution

Purpose of the solution

Imagine that you have a company that needs to set up the processing of regular orders from its existing customers. These can be either some services or orders of goods. An important point is your current customers who periodically have a need for your services / goods. It can be wholesale, legal services, search engine optimization, ordering consumables, etc.

The main goal is efficient processing of customer orders.

The client enters the personal account on the website, orders goods and services. Managers process this order also through their personal account.

When significant events occur, the interested party receives a notification (order status change, new service request, payment from the balance on the website, etc.).

What does the solution consist of

There are 3 main cabinets: 

  • Supervisor - manages retail outlets, managers and executors general control of the system.
  • The point manager is the staff of the point of sale processing orders at this point.
  • Point customer - a customer who can order goods and services at a point of sale.

Each client and manager are attached to a specific point. It can be a branch of a company, a boutique store, a franchise or something else.

All work takes place in private offices. This is not a classic kind of a store site, but a service designed to execute typical business processes: find a product, place an order, mark the fact of payment, etc.

Solution possibilities

The system has the following features by default: 

  • Product catalog,
  • Making an order,
  • Creating a service request,
  • Division into retail outlets,
  • Client's balance,
  • Payment with order points,
  • Bonus program (increase in the balance of points when paying),
  • Point page (information),
  • Correspondence by order,
  • Customer Support chat via the Replay widget,
  • Accounting of financial transactions on orders,
  • Basic point-by-point analytics for the supervisor,
  • Systemic prevention

The solution is implemented on the basis of the Falcon Space platform - this gives significant opportunities to change the business logic of the solution: create new accounting objects, add personal accounts, change the business logic of existing processes. 

Catalog of platform features Falcon Space

Demonstration of the features of the platform components

Client's personal account

The client's cabinet has the following elements:

  • User's desktop
  • Product catalog
  • My requests for services
  • My orders
  • My profile
  • Notifications
  • My balance
  • Point page (information)


Personal account of the point manager

The manager has the following pages in his personal account: 

  • Dashboard
  • Directory
  • Service requests
  • Orders
  • Point Settings
  • Customer base by point
  • Notifications
  • Financial transactions by point

An important feature is that the point manager has access only to data on his point (customers, finances, orders, requests).

Service requests ultimately lead to the creation of an order. I.e. an order can contain both goods and services.

Supervisor's personal account

The supervisor represents the site administration, coordinates the system as a whole. The composition of the menu of the supervisor's personal account:

  • Supervisor dashboard
  • Point management and general statistics on them
  • Management of managers (creation, blocking)
  • Review of the entire customer base
  • Financial transactions
  • Settings (system, bonus program, etc.)
  • Service management (basic service categories)
  • Product Management (categories and products)
  • Conducting business diagnostics. Checking the integrity of data and basic business rules for orders, service requests, customers, points, etc.

Developer's personal account

The system can and should be further adapted to its capabilities. The more accurately the system takes into account the specifics of your business, the more efficient the business processes in it will be.

To do this, you can use all the features of the platform, improving and developing new functionality in the system. To support such a solution, you need to know only 2 technologies: MS SQL Server (business logic and data processing) and Bootstrap 4 (stylization and customization of output). 

Technical documentation for the Falcon Space platform

What you can do in the Developer dashboard: 

  • create new pages
  • create and edit forms, tables, graphs, dashboards and other components
  • do diagnostics at the database level
  • manage users, change the composition of system roles.
  • change the business logic of existing pages in personal accounts
  • analyze user behavior through system logs

About money

It is important to note that the system does not accept payments directly from the client (this can be additionally implemented through the integration of payment gateways, for example, Cloud Payments or YoCassa). The system only keeps records of payments, as well as accrual of points for payments and write-off of bonuses to pay for orders.

Payment can be made through a bank account, and then the manager notes the fact of payment on the order page. I.e. the system only stores information about finances, but the finances themselves do not pass through the site.


We make this solution universal. It is not tied to any particular industry.

If necessary, you can customize the solution for your industry, for example, add additional specific fields to services. 

What is included in the solution of the rental site

Key parts of the solution we offer:

  • The Falcon Space box itself. Falcon Space is a web platform for creating business applications, not a specific solution for a business task.
  • The Falcon Rent solution. This is an add-on of the basic functions of accounting for rental facilities with the ability to develop to suit your needs. The solution can be further developed and adapted for yourself.
  • Configured hosting (or VPS server), domain, SSL. We can configure the application on your Windows Server, or host it on a hosting (for example, on Reg.ru, the win rate is 0).

Expansion points

An important point- we proceed from the fact that any boxed solution can and should be customized. Therefore, we implement the basic version and through project work we refine it to the desired state.

Any solution on Falcon Space contains several expansion points: 

  • you can add a new role if required
  • you can create new accounting objects (in fact, new tables in the database)
  • you can create new pages with forms, tables.
  • you can change the business logic of existing pages, you can change the appearance of pages, customize the styling of the project.It is possible to integrate with external systems via a universal API

All this allows us to say with confidence that almost anything can be implemented on the Falcon Space solution. In extreme cases, additional components are created for the project.

The main ideology of the platform is to take a ready-made solution and adapt/develop it to your needs

How much does the solution cost

For the cost of the solution, you can find information on the pageA ready-made solution for the client's personal accounts of the company.But keep in mind that in any case, some improvements will be required for your needs and adaptation to your business logic of the project.

What can be done to get an initial assessment of the project as a whole, taking into account the improvements? 

  1. View our demo 
  2. Decide what you want to implement in the program in addition to what is in the demo and describe the document. Can do The concept of a web project.
  3. Based on your document, we will compile a commercial offer to finalize our demo for your needs.

The smaller the first version for implementation, the smaller the budget, the faster the project will be implemented, and the faster orders will begin to be processed according to the new process through personal accounts.

Try to remove everything secondary from the first version of your product. In the future, the solution can be gradually developed based on the actual needs that arise.

Important. A big request is not to describe in words what you need to finalize. Describe it in a document (concept) - this way the details of the project will be better taken into account and the assessment will be more accurate.

What does the work process look like?

Working on a web project

What we do and don't do

  • We are the developers of the Falcon Space platform. We regularly improve the platform and create various business solutions on it.
  • We provide all the technical side of the project: we support the project, set up hosting, server, create new functionality for the project.
  • We don't do design.
  • We are not engaged in promotion, search engine optimization and advertising.
  • We do not write texts for client projects. We are not translators.
  • We will implement your vision of the project in the form of a web application.

Do you make a mobile app for Android, iOS?

If we talk about native mobile applications (those that are installed through the AppStore and Google Play) - we do not do them. Our platform is fully adaptive for mobile devices. 

Falcon Space also supports PWA technology. This practically erases the difference between a mobile app and a website:

  • you can create an icon on the phone screen and run it as an application.
  • there are geolocation functions, camera access and some other functions.

The advantages of PVA are discussed in more detail in our article Adaptive website or mobile app.

The main disadvantages of mobile native applications: 

  • expensive to support and develop (3 different developers - website, IOS, Android)
  • it is difficult to encourage customers to install applications on the phone (clogging of phone memory, hacking risks)
  • it is difficult and long to update (approval in the appstore and play market, updating the program on phones). 

Demo site for processing customer orders through personal accounts

Watch the demo of the client's and manager's personal account at the point. When entering the demo, you register through the forms as a new client or a new manager and get into the corresponding personal account.

If you have any questions, please email us atWhatsapp

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1. Create a project concept

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