Working with a partner is a delicate thing. How to choose a business partner

Working with a partner can have both significant advantages and be a heavy stone on a long road.In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right partner and how to avoid problems with partners.

Let's look at the main aspects of partnership regarding a startup in the form of a web project. 

Why do we need each other?

First, you need to ask yourself the question: 'Why do I need a partner? Do I need money for a project? I don't have the necessary knowledge? I don't have time for a project? Or am I just scared and don't know what to do?'

This question implies that you need a partner to close certain holes in the project.

Second, you need to ask yourself: 'What can you give to the project that other partners don't have? This is also a very important point, because otherwise you can be very quickly thrown out of the project as soon as it begins to produce results.'

The most stupid and wrong decision is to build partnerships based on kinship or friendship. You do not complement each other in any way, but you are just friends. Most likely, you will lose the project and thoroughly spoil this very relationship.

A relative or friend is not the best candidate for a partner!

Second place in the TOP stupid reasons for partnership are textbook examples like jobs-Wozniak. If you feel like jobs (marketing), you don't necessarily need a tech partner. It is quite possible that he will be just an employee or contractor. And if you are a great technician, then it is not necessary to tie all sales to some new partner who claims to be a great salesman.

Decide for Yourself whether you need a partner or not, and what specific areas it should cover.

Partnership Agreement

It is necessary to clearly specify all the nuances of the partnership, from the share in the common enterprise and participation in its operation to the conditions for withdrawing from the partnership.

It is better to work through all this calmly at the very beginning, rather than later in court to sort out who-who owes what. Do not rely on the partner's adequacy. Don't rely on your own adequacy. Imagine that he slept with your wife. And you also think that he cheated you on the revenue for several years, how will you behave?

Write down all the details of your partnership as a legal document. This way everyone will be calmer and it will clarify the expectations of all participants as much as possible.

All expectations are better written on paper 

Partnership between the customer and the contractor

Sometimes we are offered such a partnership: we will make a site, and then we will receive a part of the profit from it.

I will say Right away, this is not a partnership. This is either immaturity or just a Scam. The developer bears their costs immediately and is increasingly invested in the project. The idea partner (customer) does not invest almost anything at the beginning.

It turns out that it is increasingly difficult for the performer to leave the project (they have already incurred costs), and the partner can easily switch to something else, more tempting.

This also greatly distracts the contractor from his main activity, and, in fact, he has to do something completely different from his business.

Single or partner?

If you can do without partners, work without partners. Use contractors and advisors. You do not have to persuade anyone in anything, do not waste time on butting on any questions.

Any external experience you can buy, rather than offer a share in your project.

Use a partnership if it gives you really big leverage that you can't achieve without it.

For Example, you want to export something abroad, and you just can't do without a partner overseas. And in this case, it's okay if it happens to be your relative or friend.

If you can be alone, be alone.

P.S. The following article will tell you How to organize and launch a web project yourself.

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