Бьюти сфера mdash; довольно обширная и востребованная ниша услуг. Автоматизация клиентского сервиса в лбой сфере mdash; хороший ход. Рассмотрим как это можно реализовать на базе ...
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Development of a service of services for the beauty sphere: an overview of the idea and possibilities of using Falcon Service

Development of a service of services for the beauty sphere: an overview of the idea and possibilities of using Falcon Service
The beauty sphere is a fairly extensive and in—demand niche of services. Automation of customer service in the left sphere is a good move. Let's look at how this can be implemented on the basis of a ready-made Falcon Service solution.

Beauty sphere — quite an extensive and in-demand niche of services. Beauty salons, hairdressers and barbershops, manicure salons, cosmetologists' offices of various specializations and beauty clinics. In this highly competitive field, it is especially important not only to bring a client, but also to keep him, making him permanent. 

Today a lot of “salons” they work on the call and upon arrival. The next time the client may come by phone or by recording in the chat or not come at all. Hence the low attendance of the salon and the low income of the masters. 

You can change the situation for the better if you work on creating a service for customers. Since there are more and more people who prefer electronic recording. Online customer service automation — is a good move. And there are different options for how to implement this on the basis of a ready-made Falcon Service solution.

Development of an order system based on a ready-made Falcon Service solution

Falcon Service — is an opportunity to create a website with personal accounts for both clients and employees. This service has a wide range of implementation possibilities, but its key feature is to simplify the system of receiving and processing orders, up to automation. 

The order processing system allows you to keep records of orders and customers in the system, as well as keep an order from creation to completion.

On the site created on the basis of  Falcon Service, there are basic necessary components and elements with settings, which allow the client himself or with the help of an administrator to make an appointment with a specialist at a convenient time, track all the necessary statuses, upcoming events and record his impressions of the specialist's work in particular and the salon as a whole. 

Basic opportunities — is the creation of a system of personal accounts for three roles:

  • Client;
  • Supervisor;
  • Manager.

You can customize the content and functionality of the cabinets for a specific project. With the fact, how the system of personal accounts works

In this article, we focus on what features of the Falcon Service and how it can be implemented for the beauty sphere.

How to improve customer service in the beauty field?

The client in your business should have his own corner. It is convenient for the client to re-contact someone who has already provided services and the result satisfied him, especially if there are also some nice bonuses for this. Accordingly, the client's personal account in a beauty salon or in a cosmetology clinic — this is an element of customer service and additional features. There are different ways to implement this. Let's consider several possible options.

Customer service of a large center

In the general building of the conditional beauty center “Pretty” individual specialists work: cosmetologist-aesthetician, hardware cosmetologist, specialist in injection cosmetology, trichologist, nail service master  etc. They are united only by location. For those who visit this center, it would be convenient to have the opportunity to make an appointment with a specific specialist at a convenient time. It is beneficial for the administration of the Center that specialists have more clients, since they profit from this. Register a visitor and give him a discount coupon — a good move that can become a starting point in a long-term client relationship with not one, but with different specialists.

In this case, individual cosmetologists and masters become point managers, and the administrator of the center or an authorized person will act as a supervisor. Point managers will be able to fill in information about themselves.


Here, the manager will be able to see all his clients with whom he worked earlier and interact with them, reminding them of the possibilities and planned procedures, for example, "2 months have passed after the procedure. It's time to clean your face and give a second injection of the drug." The ability to correspond with the client through the personal account will simplify the process. 

The client will be able to go to the site, choose the right specialist for the description of points and make an appointment with him at a convenient time.

After recording, information will appear in the client's personal account about,  when and to whom it is recorded.

It will be easier for the supervisor to send notifications to all employees of the center at once, arrange promotions and attract customers to the center, and not to a specific specialist. In addition, he will be able to see a list of all working points, make notes on each of them and monitor data on each point.

Unified system of orders. Loyalty system

Creation of a unified system of orders in the beauty sphere — a good approach for salons where the level of specialists and their qualifications are at the same level, and the work is put on stream, for example, in a network of hairdressers or manicure salons. In this case, the priority is the prompt processing of orders. The administrator records everyone who comes and, on a first-come, first-served basis, as the masters are released, a new client gets to the freed master. At the same time, a client who has registered on the site can make an appointment in advance for the procedure and his time will not shift — he will be accepted at the time he has chosen.

The cost of the master's work, the description of the service and accrued bonuses will be displayed in the client's personal account. It is good if these bonuses will be felt by the client at the next visit, and not accumulated for the sake of accumulation. But with the help of the bonus system, you can motivate the client to leave reviews, including photos and videos. The administrator or the master can assign discount coupons to customers, which can be used if they visit again during the designated period.

In this case, order processing can take place in a semi-manual mode, when the customer confirms the execution of the order or it is done by the administrator / manager of the point.

More detailed information in loyalty program in your personal account.

Order execution system for field specialists

Is it worth developing an order fulfillment system? In case of reception on the territory of a beauty salon — no. For social services, for salons that practice field work of specialists, it is especially important to monitor the execution of applications. And the Falcon Service is perfect for these purposes. The master (point manager) will automatically see the next order. All business logic can be customized for your business and your practice, and if necessary, quickly change.

Warehouse order system

The basic set of cabinets in a ready-made solution can be expanded, as well as add functionality. It is convenient for masters to order hair care products from a common warehouse. The supervisor will see applications from each point and place a single order for the entire network, and then ensure the delivery of the required amount of funds to the points.

Customer service automation — step to improvement

How can I improve the client service if you have limited functionality? Expansion of functionality, client capabilities and automation of processes.

Automation of the client service involves the introduction of a website with a system of personal accounts and CRM connection. For the client, a personal account on the website— is an opportunity to make an appointment with a master yourself. Make a schedule of visits to one or several specialists at once, receive reminders, useful tips. Setting up a loyalty system in your personal account can also occur in automatic or semi-automatic mode. In this case, on the website in the personal account, the client can take a subscription to a set of procedures, receive personal discounts and participate in promotions on special conditions. 

Automation of customer service is mutually beneficial and interesting especially for large networks or actively growing ones with properly structured marketing and well-tuned Internet advertising. 

Most likely, in order to automate the customer service, you will need to expand the capabilities of the basic ready-made solution and order improvements. How many of them will be and how expensive they will cost, you can find out by filling conception of your customer service vision. Our manager will prepare a commercial offer for you based on your vision.

Demo version of Falcon Service - service.web-automation.ru/

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