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Creating a complex website with personal accounts. Roadmap for an IT startup

Creating a complex website with personal accounts. Roadmap for an IT startup
In this article, we will put together all our best practices in the process of creating a website. Use this article as a starting point for creating a complex functional website with personal accounts.


In this article, we will put together all our best practices in the process of creating a website. Use this article as a starting point for creating a complex functional website with personal accounts.

How to start a startup?

First of all, learn basic concepts of web development and startups to better understand the details and simplify communication with contractors. 

I would like to immediately warn you that there will be no easy walk, and it is better to immediately know the various negative cases:

Understanding the main possible problems, you will be able to provide in advance in your project protection from these negative factors.

After that, start specific steps on working out your startup idea. This is described in great detail in our large article about the product manager - How to create an IT product. It is difficult to read and master it at a time, so work through it gradually as you move through the project.

It makes sense to formalize your startup idea in the form of project concept, which is then convenient to show to interested parties - partners, contractors, first customers. 

The more accurately you define the initial requirements for the site, the easier it will be to get an estimate of the budget and deadlines. At this stage, it would be good to imagine, what is the difference between a good site and a bad one. This will help you complete your site vision.

Decide whether you really need partners in the share of the project. Article about working with partners

Working on a web project

After working through and detailing the idea, you need to properly organize the web development process - How to organize web product development process?

You can base the process on our process - How to create a website with personal accounts on Falcon Space

A web development project contains many different pitfalls. The more knowledgeable you are, the fewer unpleasant surprises there will be as the project progresses. Creating a site for the Manager. The main points

A more detailed article about project risks contains a map of the risks of a web project with possible measures to neutralize them. 

Search for contractors to create a website

When you have decided on an idea, formalized it in the form of a concept, it makes sense to start searching for an contractor for the project - How do I choose a programmer or contractor for a project?

Consider the contractors as long-term partners, a change of partner in the middle of the project always negatively affects the progress of the project.

At the same time, you do not need to limit yourself to one city when searching for contractors for a project. Considering a wide geography, you have every chance to find a good offer in terms of price/quality/time/volume/reliability. About remote interaction between the customer and the contractor

How much does the site cost

In this article, we explain how the cost of a website is determined, and what is necessary to get an accurate estimate of the budget of a web project. Article about the cost of developing a web project

It is important to remember that the cost of creating a website is one thing, but there is also the cost of ownership. You can create a website for free, which is then very expensive (or impossible) to change and develop to suit your needs. Article about reducing the cost of ownership of an IT product

How to start a project with a minimum of costs? - this article will tell you how to minimize the budget for developing a web project. By correctly prioritizing the project, you can achieve that the first version of the project will be 3-4 times less on the budget than the initial description of the project. 

Site design

Design is essential to the system. He should be like a referee in football - inconspicuous and not interfere with watching the game, but at the same time set some acceptable limits.

Design of the Falcon Space platform - the article describes the principles of good design, and what opportunities to change the design there are in the Falcon Space platform.

Hand in hand with the design goes usability of the site. We have collected all the main elements of the convenience of the site based on Falcon Space in a single article Guidance on usability of solutions on the Falcon Space platform

Also read the article How to make a convenient website

Start of a web project

The basis of any interaction between the contractor and the customer is the technical task. In this article, we consider why you need a technical specification, how to create it, and give you technical specification template. 

Article Technical requirement for creating a system or website (with a technical specification TEMPLATE). The contractor writes the technical specification, but it is not superfluous for the customer to work out the issue of working with the technical requirements well, since this is a key document on the project.

What is important to consider when creating a website

Creating a website involves taking into account many aspects and nuances. 

Site speed

The site should be not only functional, but also fast. Otherwise, no one will use it.

How to create a quick site

Mobile app

Do you need a mobile app? Or maybe an adaptive website with the ability to install an icon on the phone screen is suitable?

In this article we compare native mobile apps (iOS, Android) with a PWA-enabled website. We are in favor of adaptive sites - it is cheaper, easier to develop, faster to make edits, less specialists are required, there are no delays in publishing, there is no dependence on Google Play and the Apple Store. And getting someone to put your mobile app on their phone is not so easy. 

Website promotion

Website promotion should start before writing the first line of code. At the stage of working out the structure of the site, you need to take into account the characteristics of your target audience, collect keywords.

We have a series of articles about promoting the site. If your project involves attracting traffic through search engines, work through these articles before starting work on the project. 

Content of the site

If you plan to create site content, then read this article: How to create content for the marketplace. Сontent management of the trading platform.

Web site analytics

By understanding the basics of web analytics, you can figure out what's wrong with your site at the operational stage. Why don't users do what you want them to do? Where do they come from? Who are they? How do they travel around the site? 

Site information security

At the stage of operation, it is necessary to ensure maximum protection of the site from possible attacks by intruders. Read the article How to protect the site? Ensuring the site’s information security

Different types of sites

We have created a series of articles about demo solutions based on Falcon Space.


How to create a service platform. How to make an auction online

How to create a marketplace of goods

How to create a rental site site. A platform for clients and owners

What is a platform business, creating a marketplace platform for the industry. Business Model Platform

CRM, accounting systems, personal accounts

Creating an order management system in the form of personal accounts on the site

How to create a CRM with the ability to customize and expansion

Alternative to Excel for accounting. Why CRM is better than Excel

How do I create a client service in the form of a client's personal account?

Creation of an automated workplace for staff, development of a personal account for employees

How to create a CRM for transport logistics for cargo delivery

Information about the Falcon Space web platform

We develop all solutions based on our Falcon Space platform.

Here you can read how the platform works inside - technical description of how the platform works.

If you have a SQL Server database for which you want to create an accounting system in the form of personal accounts on the site, read this article: Creating a web shell for a SQL Server database. The platform can connect to someone else's SQL Server database and work with its data (i.e. it is not required to synchronize data between 2 databases). 

History of the creation of the Falcon Space web platform - describes the essence of the platform's approach, the prerequisites for its creation, and the key benefits of using the web platform from a technical point of view. 

If you are already using Falcon Space, in this article we will look at How to improve your web project? How to maximize impact of Falcon Space

You can feel the functionality of the platform either on demostende, where the various components of the system are listed, or on ready-made solutions, implemented on the basis of the platform.


After studying the proposed material, you will have a much better understanding of the nuances of development. Most people come to the startup world completely unprepared. Perhaps that is why the number of failed startups is so large. You have every chance to avoid this in 2 cases: 

  • you drop the idea and don't participate. According to statistics, for 90% of the founders-this is the best choice. 
  • you go deep into marketing your product, know the product creation process in detail, and iteratively improve it based on feedback. You create YOUR OWN PRODUCT.
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