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Falcon Space platform updates for May-June 2022

Наша команда постоянно работает над улучшением как всей системы Falcon Space, так и над совершенствованием готовых решений. В этой статье мы постарались систематизировать все обновления и рассказать о новых возможностях широкому кругу пользователей, которые уже пользуются нашими разработками, и тем, кто только планирует создание собственного IT-продукта.


How to maximize impact of Falcon Space

Let's say you run a website on the Falcon Space platform, but do you use all the features? In this article, we will look at some of the features that can be implemented fairly quickly in the system, which can improve the characteristics of your project in terms of convenience and clarity for users, as well as the functionality of individual elements.

Reducing the cost of ownership of an IT product

The starting version of the project may cost, for example, 200 thousand, but in 2 years the cost of developing the project in technical terms can exceed 1 million. Why is this happening? How can it be foreseen at the very beginning of the project the future development and maintenance costs of the project? Read the answers to these questions.

How to implement CRM - from Excel to the current system. Our case

CRM is a program for accounting for customer interaction. If you have more than 10 customers, then it is difficult to mention all the details of interaction with each. It is even more difficult to contact them on time at the right time (a spoon is on the way to lunch). In this article, I will talk about our CRM implementation path...
Component demo stand
At the stand you can see various components in action - tables, forms, modal windows, diagrams, a map, etc.
Solution demo site
Basic solutions that can be flexibly adapted for yourself - change the appearance, business logic and even the structure of the database.
Discuss the project
Ask the initial questions about the project that concern you right now. We will advise you for free and recommend the best solution.