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Работа сотрудников сервиса на выезде — это удобно для клиентов. В плане организации работы — это проблема. В этой статье рассмотрим, как с помощью  готового решения Falcon Service организовать автоматизированную систему учета и обработки заказов.


System development and implementation: implementation of automated systems without sabotage

Прогрессивный руководитель видит решение в оптимизации бизнес-процессов: ускорить их, снизить количество операций, повысить эффективность работы сотрудников. С такой целью руководитель приходит за разработкой функционального сайта, где есть автоматизированное рабочее место пользователей с той или иной ролью. Но нужно быть морально готовым к тому, что процесс внедрения автоматизированных систем  будет небыстрым и даже болезненным.


CRM system personal account for manager and client

The information system can be in the form of paper documents. It can have the form of Excel files. A more modern option is group chats in messengers. In this article, we will discuss how to reach a new level of work organization - a CRM system with a personal account for a manager and a client.

What is a personal cabinet on the site?

The personal cabinet is the user's workplace on the site. The system knows who this particular user is and provides him with only the necessary tools to work with. The task of the system is to speed up and simplify the user's work to achieve their goals. Let's look at this chain in more detail.

Why we don't have an office and how to switch to remote work

More and more companies are switching to remote mode. After the introduction of self-isolation, we decided to move out of the office due to restrictions. In general, this situation pushed us to the idea that we basically don't need an office.

How to implement CRM - from Excel to the current system. Our case

CRM is a program for accounting for customer interaction. If you have more than 10 customers, then it is difficult to mention all the details of interaction with each. It is even more difficult to contact them on time at the right time (a spoon is on the way to lunch). In this article, I will talk about our CRM implementation path...
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