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В статье мы рассматриваем CJM через призму создания сайтов, однако, этот механизм универсален и подойдет для любого бизнеса. 


How to attract the first customers to the site

В этой статье будем прорабатывать варианты решения этой проблемы. Если у вас стартап, и вы находитесь в стадии привлечения первых пользователей, то это эта статья даст некоторые варианты для проб и ошибок. 


How to promote the site. First steps to promote the marketplace

In this article, we will offer our vision of how to take the first steps to promote the marketplace. If you plan to make a marketplace,then at least you should learn and know the main activities that you will have to implement after the implementation of the marketplace engine.
Component demo stand
At the stand you can see various components in action - tables, forms, modal windows, diagrams, a map, etc.
Solution demo site
Basic solutions that can be flexibly adapted for yourself - change the appearance, business logic and even the structure of the database.
Discuss the project
Ask the initial questions about the project that concern you right now. We will advise you for free and recommend the best solution.