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В статье поговорим про модель бизнеса, при которой клиент платит не разово за владение продуктом, а за право использовать продукт некоторое время. 


Creating your own IT product - how can we help you go this way

We won't tell you what is right and what is not necessary to do when creating your product. If you have an idea to make a standard solution and sell it as a ready-made box with modifications for the client, then we can offer to consider our Falcon Space platform as the basis of your solution.

How to start a business for a developer

At some stage, every employee thinks about starting their own business, if they feel like a professional in their field. Why not? Let's look at the nuances of starting a business in the IT industry.

Why are sites being closed?

By the nature of my activity (web application development), I had to observe successful and failed projects.. Most of them are failures. And this has nothing to do with the technical factor. In this article, we will analyze the main factors that lead to the unsuccessful completion of the project. We do not pretend to be objective at all, we just analyze the results of projects, do a retrospective and get some conclusions.

Basic concepts in web development

Let's look at the key concepts in the IT field regarding the creation of websites. We will not dig deep into every concept. The main focus is on the question WHY - Why do I need it to create my site.

Reducing the cost of ownership of an IT product

The starting version of the project may cost, for example, 200 thousand, but in 2 years the cost of developing the project in technical terms can exceed 1 million. Why is this happening? How can it be foreseen at the very beginning of the project the future development and maintenance costs of the project? Read the answers to these questions.

Software product development. Course for IT Product Manager

A short course for people planning to create their own product and for those who have already faced the pitfalls of implementing the project in practice. After reading this guide, you will be able to formulate more clearly how and where to move your product.

How to start an Internet startup

A lot of people and companies have their own idea of the project, but do not dare to implement it for various reasons. Let's look at this situation in more detail.

How do I choose a programmer or contractor for a project?

Choosing programmers or promoters is very similar to choosing a doctor. Yes, this is less critical than health, but in both situations, you have a poor understanding of the details of your needs. Even worse, you understand how to meet these needs. You only have a clear understanding: I want a website, a system, a portal (I want to be healthy in the analogy with a doctor).

How much does it cost to develop SOFTWARE or a website

In this article, we will talk about how to determine the cost of SOFTWARE development services, platforms or sites, what payment schemes there are, their pros and cons, and how to make an estimate of the cost of SOFTWARE development.
Component demo stand
At the stand you can see various components in action - tables, forms, modal windows, diagrams, a map, etc.
Solution demo site
Basic solutions that can be flexibly adapted for yourself - change the appearance, business logic and even the structure of the database.
Discuss the project
Ask the initial questions about the project that concern you right now. We will advise you for free and recommend the best solution.