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Internal optimization of the site. SEO for the marketplace

As mentioned in the previous article, high-quality content plays a key role in promoting the site. It is equally important to bring this content to your audience.
To do this, search engines must be able to analyze the content of your site. To do this, you need to follow various search engine optimization rules and recommendations.

In this article, we will review these recommendations. It is important to understand the general mechanism of search engines, learn to look through the eyes of a search engine at your site, and not forget about your user.

Factor 1. User behavior on your site

If users visit your site and immediately exit (for example, return to the search), this tells the search engine that something is wrong with your site. Search engines take into account the behavioral factors of your site, and this is one of the main criteria for site quality.

So, you need to make sure that the user has thoroughly studied your site and actively interacted with the site's functionality.

How to get the user to return again and again

Make your site fast

If the site is slow, it's annoying. The user doesn't want to wait. Loading more than 5 seconds is already a serious problem. Set speed as a priority characteristic of the site.

Contextual links

Give the user a reason to continue walking around your site. Insert the necessary links in the right place. Don't auto - generate such links-this usually doesn't work as well as a properly inserted single link.

Comprehensive information for the user on your subject

Try to create an information space for your consumer where you will reveal all the issues that concern them. Questions are not about your product.

The questions and answers section, which describes how to buy a product using a card, is very touching. The questions should be about the user's problems. And it doesn't have to be an difficulties that is part of your product. For example, we produce web development and development of our web platform Falcon Space, where you can quickly make your own platform.
However, in our content, we not only describe our platform, but also consider related issues. How to create content for sites, how to promote sites, how risks in a web project can lie in wait, business innovations in IT, and much more.

In this way, we help our customers improve their understanding of these related issues. For us, this is additional traffic for indirect queries. Use the same approach for your area.

Site usability

Everyone wants the site to be convenient and easy to use. If the user doesn't understand what to do, they leave the site. Strive for simplicity, and don't push as many elements as possible onto the page in the hope of guessing what the user needs.

It is a good practice to constantly ask for feedback from consumers and spy on them through Google Analytics. This will help you find a lot of inaccuracies in your site. This is an iterative process - introduce new ideas and monitor users ' reactions to them.

Assume that you don't know what users need. Make hypotheses, implement, observe, and create new hypotheses to improve the site's usability.


The design should be as simple as possible. The simpler it is, the easier it is to maintain and adapt it to the new needs of users.
the more complex the design, the more glitchy it is, less understandable to users, and increases the cost of its future support and modification.

The site design should display well at different resolutions, on different devices, and in different usage situations. Be your user in everyday life and find a lot of insights for improvement. A banal example is mothers who have a baby hanging in their arms. If this is your target audience, then consider the specifics of their use. Or older people-they need large fonts, the most Directive interface (do this, now do this).

Once you have worked these elements in depth, you will already be well advanced in terms of behavioral factors. Use web Analytics to track results. More on this later.

Factor of 2. Page markup tools for search engine optimization

Tags h1, title

These are the two most important tags that define the essence of the page. Set them as accurately as possible for the page's search query. At the same time, it is mandatory to leave the headlines readable for a person. Keywords should be placed as close to the beginning of the element as possible.

Micro markup

These are special attributes of tags on the page that help search engines understand the structure of the page and its meaning. micro-markup of the page allows you to make an extended description of the page and its elements. This first affects the way the site is displayed in search engines (increases the clickability in search results). And secondly, when sending messages in messengers and social networks, the message will have an image, name and description.


Links play a very important role in promotion. Use links with keywords. Make sure that the user gets the link at the right time when reading your content. Links also allow you to increase the page weight for certain queries (this is done by internal linking between site pages).

Semantic page markup

Use h2-h5 tags to set the hierarchy of meanings on the page, use title and alt attributes for images, highlight important thoughts with quotes, or highlight them in bold.

Keywords and Description meta Tags

It is advisable to fill in these tags. The description tag is displayed in the search engine and affects the clickability of your site in the search results. You can list keywords related to your page in Keywords.

Site navigation and structure

Navigation should be simple and clear. You can create a page that defines the structure of the entire site (site map). This will allow search engines to index your site faster.

Content availability

Site content must be available to search engines. This means that search engines should be able to easily index your catalog and other pages. To do this, pages must be static, i.e. they must not be loaded via Java Script or Flash.

Page duplicates

Each page must respond to specific user requests. It's not good when you have 2 pages answering the same question. They are essentially fighting among themselves and the search engine will choose only one page to rank for this query.

There are also technical duplicates. This is when the same page is available at different addresses. In fact, the search engine may not know that it is the same page. In this way, you make it more difficult for them to process your site, which may affect the ranking.

Files robots.txt and sitemap.xml

These are special files that allow search engines to better understand your site. Robots.txt gives recommendations to the search engine on what to watch on the site and what to avoid. Sitemap.xml contains all your site's links. This makes it much easier for the search robot to find pages on your site.


This is a secure Protocol that allows you to improve security on your site (these addresses are prefixed with https://). Search engines require you to put an SSL certificate. It is purchased for a year and can cost from 2 to 10 thousand rubles.

There are still many small nuances, but they are needed by specialists in search promotion. It is important for us to simply understand and embrace the main elements of promotion.

What are the nuances of internal text optimization?

Do not overdo it with the implementation of keywords

If you make unreadable text, stuffed only with key queries, with a bunch of links on the page, the search engine will understand this and punish the page. Try to make no more than 2 identical keys per page, actively use synonyms and slightly modified forms. This will make the text more readable, and search engines will also be able to more accurately understand the subject of the page.

Limit the content that can be indexed

Not all pages need to be indexed by the search robot. Everything that does not need to be indexed, close from the robot using robots.txt and the noindex tag.
Here you should proceed from common sense and not overdo it (see point 1). Close the admin pages and service URLS from indexing. Let the search engines index the rest.

The canonization of the URL

This has nothing to do with religion. Here we are talking about what links you should always be consistent, i. e. lower case, no trailing slash, etc so that the links are always met in the same writing. It is even better if your system allows you to 'correct' inaccurate requests that came from the user.

Example: the link came/cart/or/Cart you translate it by redirecting 301 to the canonized url -/cart
Why all this is necessary is very easy to understand if you look at it all through the eyes of a search engine.
for it,/cart and/CART are different pages, but for some reason they have the same content (is it a double?). Redirect 301 will tell the spider that it is the same page and it will calmly throw out the invalid version.

There are no guarantees of the result

They don't exist, because you can't directly influence the search engine. We can make a difference to your site, to affect other sites and to track your positions in search engines.
If you are promised results and given guarantees, please specify which requests and what their particularity is. It is one thing to put in the top 10 of Yandex on request to Order pizza in the Moscow region (a high-frequency request in a competitive region), and quite another to Buy blue underpants with red polka dots in the Tolyatti region (0 requests. Or 1 query - the one you type when you check it).

It is worth saying that there are many tools for automatic audit of search engine optimization. Use them for a basic understanding of the state of your site in terms of readiness to receive visitors from search engines.

You can perform site analysis, for example, on this site - https://www.cy-pr.com/

Using Google Console and Yandex Webmaster

Search Engines have excellent services that allow you to control and monitor the state of sites in search engines. You can understand how many and which pages are indexed in the search engine, you can track your visibility in the search engine, for which queries you have impressions, clicks, etc.

It is Important to periodically check the status of these services with your own eyes. Promoters can cheat anything in the reports, but this is where you can see the real picture of the situation - how many clicks you have, what positions, indexing problems, and so on. For general control, you can view reports from these services once a month.

Site optimization in general is just a way to make friends with search engines and provide them with the most convenient way to analyze your site.

Don't try to deceive the search engine. In the long run, this is a losing option.

It is especially important to keep track of what your promotion contractor is doing - is it using gray methods to cheat results for short-term gain? If you do not do this, the supplier will achieve a quick result using cheap methods, exit the project, and the search engine will eventually see the fraud and lower the site in the ranking. As a result, the result will not be zero, but negative. Take a deep look at what the promotion team is doing.

In the next section, we will analyze external promotion - external content marketing, working with partners, and more.

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