Forms. How do I accept multiple incoming parameters instead of just one parameter(itemID)?
Shapes. How to create a form for editing an entity
Forms. How to make custom HTML markup for a form (jsRender)
Forms. How to make a search for a field, i.e. a list with a search through a database access (autocomplete)
Forms. How to set some fields in the form by default when loading
Forms. How to display different data on the same form for different roles
Forms. How to display a list of check marks in the form (multiple field selection)
Forms. How to display and save a multiple list through a chosen field.
Forms. To reload a page after saving
Forms. How to add a callback after loading the form and after saving the form.
Forms. How to dynamically change the column type when rendering a form.
Forms. How to make a modal form (opens in the dialog box)
Forms. How to update a table (or form) after calling a modal form
Forms. How to display a form in a pop-up window near to the button (popover)
Forms. How to make dependent fields in a table (Country, City)
Forms. How to select an address and save location coordinates (lat,lng).
Forms. How to correctly process prices (fractional numbers) on the form
Forms. How to display list data or a table inside a form
Forms. Setting the background panel for a form
Forms. How to pass a hidden parameter to a form
Forms. How to make select and chosen lists with categories (optgroup)
Forms. How to make a form as a step master
Forms. How to show the progress of filling in the form (ProgressBar of filling in the form)
Forms. How to use Checkboxes and select radio with picture
Forms. How to make fields with animated values (rotating numbers, digits).
Forms. How to edit the text of HTML elements in the Rich editor
Forms. How to display a table in the modal window
Forms. How to use the Select files field in the form
Forms. How to hide / show update area on a page when changing a form field
Forms. How to work with the Timer field
Forms. How can I send a hidden parameter to a form in SaveItem (for example, a Cookie or URL parameter)
Forms. How to show changing information when changing fields
Forms. How to make a form with saved state
Forms. How to work with a Slider type
Forms. How to output and process data on a form from an external source via the API
Forms. Adding a button to clear the form (Reset form)
Forms. How to make a confirmation action in a text MESSAGE (SMS) form
Setting the work schedule (weektime form field)
Forms. How to make more than 1 action buttons in a form
How to add examples of filling in fields in the form
How to select a list value via the directory in the modal window
How to make a confirmation window for the form action
Forms. Dynamic change of the form's ItemId depending on other page elements
Forms. How to add a new element if it is not in the list on the form.
Hints-length limiters for fields in the form
How to make a delay when saving a form
How to save the field value in the browser, so that you don't have to enter it every time you load it (leave the last saved one)
Inserting links using a template (YouTube link, patternString)
Forms. Uploading the form via the link
Forms. Manage field settings via field options_
Forms. Using Google Recaptcha in forms
How to specify custom mask for input field in form
Form. How to display a tree with a selection of checkboxes
Forms. How to choose a color in a form
Custom verification of form fields via JS
How to set available dates in datepicker
Loading the form in the drop-down window
Adding emojis to form fields
Форма. Обработка даты из поля datetime-local

SQL-tool for creating personal accounts on the site

The essence of the approach and the history of the creation of Falcon Space
Web platform for creating personal accounts

Falcon Space Platform

This is a reduction in the cost of ownership

at the expense of fewer people to support

This is a quick change

while using the program

This is a modern interface

full adaptation for mobile devices

MS SQL web applications. Affiliate program for developers and web studios

You can develop on your own or collaborate with us on Falcon Space web development using only SQL and HTML.
See examples with SQL code
Platform documentation
Working on MS SQL Server