HOWTO Layout

Layout. How to embed a ready-made layout in a pageОбновлено: 06.12.2020
Layout. Basic elements of working with images in the browserОбновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. How to embed a new font in a projectОбновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. How to make a page with tabs or collapsible panelsОбновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. How to make a landing page (promo page)Обновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. How to display enlarged images with transitions between themОбновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. Panels with shadowsОбновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. Adding animationОбновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. Creating linksОбновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. How to quickly display a test image in the layoutОбновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. How to style an iconОбновлено: 06.12.2020
Layout. Learn the Bootstrap 4 classes wellОбновлено: 16.06.2020
Layout. Restrictions on changing the designОбновлено: 16.06.2020

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