Integration import and parsing of a CSV file
API integration address suggestions
Integration of the IpGeoBase API City by IP address
API integration City by IP address
Generating RSS in an SQL procedure
Прием платежей через Яндекс.Кассу
Online payments. Integration with ROBOKASSA (payment gateway)
Telegram bots and sending messages to Telegram
Zapier integration on the Falcon Space platform
Yandex YML integration. Import-export a product catalog in YML
Проверка орфографии в тексте через Яндекс Speller
Integration with the Yandex XML API
Integration of MANGO OFFICE call tracking (Platform mode)
Integration of the API exchange Rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Integration of the Russian Post API
Integration API of the CDEK delivery service
API integration Service delivery Business lines
Integration with the Google Drive API
Интеграция API Яндекс.Вебмастер
How to calculate the distance between two points with coordinates via Google Maps
File transfer via FTP
Scan barcodes and QR codes through the camera and from images
Video chat. Integration with Vox Implant
Receiving data of the counterparty through the TIN
Basic integration with Jitsi Meet (calls with video)
Accepting payments on the website via CloudPayments
Как сделать интеграцию с Мой Склад
Отправка СМС через
Яндекс Турбо - как включить Яндекс Турбо страницы для контента на сайте
Внедрение подсказок dadata на сайт
Интеграция с телефонией
Интеграция с Тургенев API для проверки качества контента

SQL-tool for creating personal accounts on the site

The essence of the approach and the history of the creation of Falcon Space
Web platform for creating personal accounts

Falcon Space Platform

This is a reduction in the cost of ownership

at the expense of fewer people to support

This is a quick change

while using the program

This is a modern interface

full adaptation for mobile devices

MS SQL web applications. Affiliate program for developers and web studios

You can develop on your own or collaborate with us on Falcon Space web development using only SQL and HTML.
See examples with SQL code
Platform documentation
Working on MS SQL Server