Basic components

Falcon Space. Working with tablesОбновлено: 12.11.2021
Falcon Space. Working with formsОбновлено: 31.10.2021
Falcon Space. Working with dashboardsОбновлено: 17.10.2021
Falcon Space. Working with resourcesОбновлено: 17.10.2021
Falcon Space. Working with entitiesОбновлено: 04.11.2021
Falcon Space. Business processesОбновлено: 31.08.2021
Falcon Space. Generating Docx and Xlsx documentsОбновлено: 31.10.2021
Falcon Space. Working with trees (hierarchy)Обновлено: 25.11.2021
Working with HTML blocksОбновлено: 14.09.2021
External actions (notifications, push, email, API call)Обновлено: 20.10.2021
Diagrams and GraphsОбновлено: 15.09.2021
Interactive treeОбновлено: 18.04.2021
Gantt ChartОбновлено: 14.09.2021
The Kanban BoardОбновлено: 14.09.2021
Chartbar diagramОбновлено: 21.09.2020
Map with markersОбновлено: 14.09.2021
CardsОбновлено: 18.04.2021
Progress lineОбновлено: 13.09.2021
TimelineОбновлено: 18.04.2021
The calendarОбновлено: 14.09.2021
Data output in the form of a graph on the siteОбновлено: 14.09.2021
Вывод движения заявки по статусам statusbarОбновлено: 13.11.2021

SQL-tool for creating personal accounts on the site

The essence of the approach and the history of the creation of Falcon Space
Web platform for creating personal accounts

Falcon Space Platform

This is a reduction in the cost of ownership

at the expense of fewer people to support

This is a quick change

while using the program

This is a modern interface

full adaptation for mobile devices

MS SQL web applications. Affiliate program for developers and web studios

You can develop yourself or collaborate with us for web development on the Falcon Space platform using only SQL and HTML.
View examples with SQL code
Platform documentation
Working on MS SQL Server