Introduction to Falcon Space. What's the first?
Видео о создании личных кабинетов на сайте - веб-платформе Falcon Space
Example of creating the Personnel subsystem on the Falcon Space platform
Guidance on usability of solutions on the Falcon Space platform
Management. How to create a table
Management. How to create a form
Management. How to create a dashboard
Installing Falcon Space on a server / hosting
How to localize a site for a non-technical specialist
How to send a daily report on the project to the Telegram group chat?
How to track the history of user actions or the history of events for a system object
Secure data processing and access verification in stored procedures
SEO - How to create virtual pages with one template, but for different keys
How to improve your code-notes on the revision of the code on the Falcon Space platform
Creating pages with the table/form component with automatic generation of necessary SQL procedures
Using standard markup in the form of snippets for solving various tasks
How to track site visits by identifiable people?
Programmatic interaction via the API between 2 different Falcon instances
How to improve the performance of IIS (Internet Information Services web server)
Styling elements in the Falcon Space page markup
Developer's workplace via the terminal
FAQ для системного администратора сервера
Как сделать механизм отправки различных писем по шаблону с возможностью редактирования перед отправкой
Системный анализ работы сайта на Falcon Space

SQL-tool for creating personal accounts on the site

The essence of the approach and the history of the creation of Falcon Space
Web platform for creating personal accounts

Falcon Space Platform

This is a reduction in the cost of ownership

at the expense of fewer people to support

This is a quick change

while using the program

This is a modern interface

full adaptation for mobile devices

MS SQL web applications. Affiliate program for developers and web studios

You can develop on your own or collaborate with us on Falcon Space web development using only SQL and HTML.
See examples with SQL code
Platform documentation
Working on MS SQL Server