Diagrams and Graphs

View an example of graphs and charts

Separate operation mode for the table component. 

Allows displaying graphs and charts

  1. in SELECT 3 GetItems, set ViewType= 'chart' and configure the following parameters:
    1. ChartType-chart type line, bar, pie, radar (and some other types from https://www.chartjs.org/docs/latest/),
    2. ChartTitle-chart title,
    3. ChartWidth, ChartHeight-width and height (if set to 0, it will stretch to 100% of the container),
    4. ChartLineCommaLabels-comma-separated X-axis for the line type, for example, '1,2,3,5'
  2. in SELECT 1, output the card data Title, Value, Color (the color of the element, for example #F00).
    1. For line Value, this is a comma-separated list of values ('23,43,12,34')
    2. For other types, Value is a number, the value of the corresponding element in the diagram. 
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