Video chat. Integration with Vox Implant

Vox Implant is used for video chat

To implement chat, do the following: 

Connect scripts to the page: 

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script src="/js/falcon/as.videochat.js" charset="windows-1251"></script>

Add markup on the page: 

<div class="as-video" data-username="{sp-voxUsername}" data-p="{sp-voxPassword}" data-contactusername="{sp-voxUsernamePartner}" data-account="remco" data-appprefix="n2" data-appname="remcovideochat">

In the pg_crumbscode procedure we write: 

    DECLARE @voxUsername nvarchar(128), @voxPassword nvarchar(128), @username nvarchar(128)

    DECLARE @voxUsernamepartner nvarchar(128), @voxPasswordPartner nvarchar(128), @partner nvarchar(128)

    select @username = value from @urlParameters where [key] = 'username'

select @partner = value from @urlParameters where [key] = 'partner'

    -- we define the user's vox for ourselves

    EXEC [dbo].[vox_getVoxUser]

@username = @username,
@limitMinutes = 30,
@voxUsername = @voxUsername OUTPUT,
@voxPassword = @voxPassword OUTPUT

-- we define the user's vox for the partner

EXEC [dbo].[vox_getVoxUser]
@username = @partner,
@limitMinutes = 30,
@voxUsername = @voxUsernamePartner OUTPUT,
@voxPassword = @voxPasswordPartner OUTPUT

-- 3 SELECT Custom parameters that can be inserted into the page markup using{sp-par1}

select @voxUsername voxUsername, @voxPassword voxPassword, @voxUsernamePartner voxUsernamePartner

It is assumed that the partner parameter is passed to the page with the username of the user we want to contact. 

In the vox_users table, enter users from the voxImplant service. This is a user pool that is dynamically assigned to users in the system. 

On VoxImplant, we register and create users and make Route according to the instructions: