Falcon Space. Working with comments

The comments Component allows you to attach to any entity the ability to comment and store the history of notes for this entity.

It is also possible to mark entries with color tags.

For comments to work, you must specify the following snippet:
<div class="as-comments" data-itemid="falcon-space--rabota-s-kommentariyami" data-type="{typeCode}" data-inline="1"></div> 

You also need to create an entry with the appropriate comment in the Manage comments section typeCode
Here you can configure access to view comments, add and delete comments. 

You can also configure which tags this type will have,  and there is an option to enable the reminder tag.
If it is enabled, you can add comments with the date of the reminder about this record.
When this day comes, you will receive a notification via the notification system. 

  1. To fine tune access to comments you can use stored procedures like comments_{typeCode}_hasRight. 
    On the enter string username, string right (view, add, delete) и int itemID. On the exit -
    ResultModel (bool Result, string Msg).
  2. The comment code typeCode is also used to build comments in as crud.
  3. If data-itemID - empty line or “0”, then comments are not output!
  4. Comments can be colored. When added programmatically via a stored procedure (параметр @color). The user can color comments using tags. 
  5. After adding a comment, you can implement an additional stored procedure comments_{code}_afterAdd (for example, to notify the user of a comment). You can edit it in Managing comment types. 
    On the enter: @itemID, @code,@text,@username
    On the exit - SELECT 1 with result, msg