Falcon Space. Working with indicators

Metrics allow you to output any data from the sql sample in tabular, graphical, or custom markup. 

Types of metrics

<a href="#" class="as-metrics" data-code="{0}" data-itemid="{1}">link for metrics</a>
<!--This button displays all metrics by category in the modal window.
Each category is expanded as a list of metrics. When you click on a metric it opens--> 
<div class="as-mt-board" data-metricid="{0}" data-itemid="{1}"></div>
<!--displaying a separate metric when the page loads.--> 
<div class="as-mt-placeholder" data-code="{0}"></div>
<!--shows a group of panels with nested metrics. Currently, the preferred option is
using multiple as-table tables on a page --> 

Important limitations of metrics

If you plan to use nested metrics (sinking deep), then you need to write the names of all columns without any problems (for example, call_in_order). 

if you need more visualization tools, use the table component better (you can also make nested tables in them). 

Configuring metrics


  • hide_ columns are not output in tables. They are used for transmitting additional data to child metrics. 
  • columns can be colored using a table metricMarkers
  • type of custom markup for as metric boards
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