Forms. Dynamic change of the form's ItemId depending on other page elements

Let's say we need to make a quick order form that depends on the quantity field on the page. 

We can virtually create a modal form button, pass it the desired ItemId, and programmatically call it (and then delete it). 


<div class="s1">
  <input type="text" class="s1-count" value="2">
  <a href="#" class="s1-order">Create order</a>

Code JS: 

  $(document).delegate('.s1-order', 'click', function(e){
    var count = $(this).closest('.s1').find(".s1-count:first").val();
    	var link = $('');
      	setTimeout(function(){ link.remove(); }, 100);

As a result, the s1-order button works as if it is a modal form button, in which the quantity from the external s1-count field is entered. 

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