Forms. How to work with a Slider type

The Slider is used to set a certain number range or to select a number. 

How to set up a Slider type field

Setting the type (Slider) for the form field. 

Prescribing the dict procedure, in which we pass the slider settings in this form: 

select 'min||max||step' Value, 'ticks||labels||orientation||enabled' Text
  • min, max,step - this is the minimum, maximum value and step of changing the slider movement, for example 0.100.1
  • ticks, labels - set reference points on the slider. ticks sets the value, and labels sets the captions for these points. Separated by commas? for example, 0.50,100. IMPORTANT: for signatures, you must specify values in quotation marks, such as '0s', '50s', '100s'.< / li>
  • orientation - setting the slider orientation (horizontal, vertical). By default, it is horizontal. 
  • enabled - editable or not (true, false). By default, true. 


1. The value is accepted and passed to Value

2. For a range of values, use Value as 2 comma-separated numbers, for example 25.50

3. You can also use the slider as a radio button to select one of the values. You can use the following settings to do this: 

select '1||3||1' Value, '1,2,3||'Low','Medium','High'||' Text

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