Forms. How to make a modal form (opens in the dialog box)

Use the following markup

<a href="#" class="as-form-modal" data-code="profile" data-itemid="11" data-big="1" data-btntext="Save">
Show Form!</a>


  • data-code-specify the form code.
  • data-itemID-specify the element ID (if it is empty or 0). IMPORTANT: formy--kak-sdelat-modalnuyu-formu--otkryvaetsya-v-dialogovom-okne does not work here.
  • data-big - if 1, the modal window will be large.
  • data-title-title of the modal window.
  • data-btnText - text of the save button. If omitted, the button will not be displayed.
  • data-slideout-enabling form appearance mode-extends to the left and takes up almost the entire screen.
  • Note:
  1. It is better to make custom layout of the form, so as not to show the Save button. The modal window button acts as a Save button. You can choose not to show this do this, specify btnText = “”.
  2. You can use this form simply to output certain information anywhere in the program.
  3. Similarly, you can make a table in the modal window
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