Forms. How to select an address and save location coordinates (lat,lng).

Setting the field type geo-autocomplete (location Selection).

Passing the value to it in the format {lat}||{lng}|/{geotext}||{JSONoptions}

isnull(lat, '')+'||'+isnull(lng, '')+'||'+isnull(address, '') address

In the JSONOptions parameter, you can set JSON for settings (we only use double quotes, parameter names are also in quotes).

Learn more about options -

Example of how to restrict search only by city  -

When saving (SaveItem), we parse the resulting value and save the fields separately.

declare @lat nvarchar(128),
    @lng nvarchar(128),
    @geotext nvarchar(128),  
    @temp nvarchar(128)

set @lat  = [dbo].[str_splitPart](@fieldaddress, '||', 1)
set @temp  = [dbo].[str_splitPart](@fieldaddress, '||', 2)
set @lng  = [dbo].[str_splitPart](@temp, '||', 1)
set @geotext  = [dbo].[str_splitPart](@temp, '||', 2)

Note: Be sure to use isnull for concatenation (otherwise, if the coordinates are not set , the entire value will be null).

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