Shapes. How to create a form for editing an entity

  • Creating a page and throwing a snippet of the form  
<div class="as-form" data-code="myEditForm" data-itemid="formy--kak-sozdat-formu-dlya-redaktirovaniya-sushchnosti"></div>​
  • As a result, the URL parameter itemID is passed to the stored procedure.
  • Custom form
  • Custom shape column
  • Creating stored procedures with the itemID parameter passed to you

Example GetItem

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[fm_editForm_getItem]
  @itemID int,
  @username nvarchar(256)

    select * from as_forms where id = @itemID

    select 'Editing form parameters "'+title+'"' Title, '" Subtitle
    from as_forms where id = @itemID

Example saveItem

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[fm_editForm_saveItem]
  @username nvarchar(256),
  @itemID int,
  @fieldcode nvarchar(256) = '',
  @fieldtitle nvarchar(256) = '',
  @fieldsubtitle nvarchar(256) = '',
  @fieldresultMessage nvarchar(256) = '',
  @fieldsuccessURL nvarchar(256) = '',
  @fieldmakeup nvarchar(max) = '',
  @fieldhideFormAfterSubmit bit = 0,
  @fieldbuttonText nvarchar(256) = '',
  @fieldusers nvarchar(256) = '',
  @fieldroles nvarchar(256) = ''
    update as_forms
        code = @fieldcode,
        title = @fieldtitle,
        subtitle = @fieldsubtitle,
        resultMessage = @fieldresultMessage,
        successURL = @fieldsuccessURL,
        makeup = @fieldmakeup,
        hideFormAfterSubmit = @fieldhideFormAfterSubmit,
        buttonText = @fieldbuttonText,
        users = @fieldusers,
        roles = @fieldroles
    where id = @itemID

    select 1 Result, 'Form saved' Msg
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