Forms. How to display a form in a pop-up window near to the button (popover)

Using a snippet

<a href="#" class="as-popover btn btn-light" data-content="" data-title="Title of the window" data-
trigger="click" data-type="primary" data-size="lg" data-formcode="newForm" data-formitemid="">Show form</a>

In addition to forms, you can output just any markup in data-content.


  • content-panel markup (active only if the form code is not specified in data-formCode)
  • title-form title
  • trigger - if click is specified, the hint will appear when clicked. If focus hover is specified, the hint appears when you hover over it.
  • type-panel type (success, warning, primary, etc.)
  • size-panel width (sm, md, lg)
  • placement - which side of the panel opens (left, right, top, bottom, top top-left, top top-right, bottom bottom-left, bottom bottom-right, left left-top, left left-bottom, right right-top, right right-bottom, auto, auto-left, auto-right, auto-bottom, auto-top, horizontal, vertical). 
  • formCode-code of the output form
  • formItemID-parameter passed to the form as itemID

Note: hint panels close when new hints appear on the page.

Learn more about plugin settings-

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