Forms. Uploading the form via the link

When you click on the button with the as-form-link class, the form is loaded into the data-target container. 

  • data-code - the code of the uploaded form
  • data-itemID - ItemId passed to the form
  • data-target - selector of the container where we load the form
  • data-mode - how to load the form. replace-the form completely replaces the contents of the container, append-the form is added to the bottom of the container, prepend-the form is added to the beginning of the container.
  • data-hideLink - if it is 1, then after loading the form, the link will disappear
<a href="#" class="as-form-link" data-code="watch_custom" data-itemid="123" data-target="#div1" data-mode="append" data-hidelink="0">Loading a form into a container #div1</a>

<div id="div1" class="bg-info p-3">
  The container where the form will be added by clicking on the element

Example of work -

Similarly, you can also load tables by reference (as-table-link class)

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