How to quickly view standard reports with the ability to edit SQL

You can add a special SQL editor button and set the initial query text. 

When you click on the button, the editor window with the SQL data is loaded and you can view the results of the queries by clicking on the run button. 

This feature is available only to the system administrator of the system.


<a href="#" class="as-sp-link" data-type="query" data-control="" data-entity="" data-operation="" title="Log Changes"><i class="fa fa-database"></i> Changes Log
   <span class="as-sp-sql hide">
     SELECT TOP (100) [id],[typeCode],[itemID],[field],[value],[username],[created]
     FROM [Falcon].[dbo].[as_changeLog]
     order by id desc

Key points: 

  • data-type=query sets the editor mode of an arbitrary SQL query, not a separate SP procedure
  • the query itself is located in a child invisible element of as-sp-sql
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