How to maximize Google PageSpeed metrics for a website on Falcon Space

PageSpeed is a service from Google that allows you to identify problems with page loading speed. 

Enabling features on the site may affect the PageSpeed indicator. Using the following settings, you can improve this indicator.

1. Disable the replay chat (in Getlayout)

2. Disable the Google Maps connection (in GetLayout)

3. Disable animation (in GetLayout)

4. Use width, height for all images, optimize the images immediately to the desired size

5. To disable Google Analytics and Yandex metric (in Settings/CommonScripts).

Note: there is no need to maximize the PageSpeed indicator by any means. If your site loads so quickly, having an indicator under 70-80, you do not need to try to bring it to 90, but at the same time sacrificing cross-browser compatibility (using modern image formats), adaptability (stretchable images for resolution), ease of maintenance (crutches for different image resolutions). 

After such manipulations, the component demo stand catalog was overclocked to the following values. 

For mobile devices: 

For desktop PCs: 

P.S. After achieving these results, we have returned all the specified modules back, so the numbers in PageSpeed will be lower at the moment (for example, it now shows 70 and 96). 

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