Security. How to restrict login to users by IP, port or domain

The task is to restrict access to a certain group of users login to the site by domain or IP. 

To do this, we use the procedure & nbsp;falcon_afterLogin in it, in @parameters, there are parameters domain, userIp, userPort. The procedure is performed after entering the correct username and password on the login page (but before authorization). 

Based on them, we decide whether the user has access and return the correct access (Result 0 or 1).

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[falcon_afterLogin]
	@parameters ExtendedDictionaryParameter READONLY,  -- userGuid, langID, domain, userIP, userPort
	@username nvarchar(32)
	declare @port int
	select @port = try_cast(value as int) from @parameters where [key]='userPort'
	-- here you can also check for belonging to a specific role
	-- for example, let admins only from certain IP or ports

	if(@port=12344) begin
		select 1 Result, '' Msg, '/' redirectUrl
	end else begin
		select 0 Result, 'No access' Msg, '' redirectUrl

  -- SELECT 2 Outer commands
  select '' type

Similarly, you can restrict access to some critical tables or forms (they also have the @parameters parameter with similar elements). 

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