How to make a List directory with external markup

There are several degrees of markup customization in the List catalog: 

1. Specifying the markup of a list, a list item, and 1 item per page (edited on /aslists). In this case, the general framework of the platform is used (top panel, menu, footer, system styles and scripts). 

2. Take the full external markup of the page and embed it in the catalog via SELECT 1 in getItem and Search in the LandMakeup parameter. 

This parameter passes the full markup of the page with the tags body, head, html. 

The following dynamic parameters can be inserted into a variable: 

  • {title}, {description}, {keywords} - value for the title tag and meta tags
  • {styles} - inserting styles (system and styles obtained in the Head Section from the procedure).
  • {scripts} - inserting scripts (platform system scripts and Body Bottom Section from the procedure).
  • {breadcrumbs} - withdrawal of bread crumbs.
  • {content} - the main content of the page is a catalog or a catalog page.

An example of such markup: 

    <meta name="keywords" content="{keywords}">
    <meta name="description" content="{description}">
    <!-- connecting other system scripts -->
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