How to remove old dict procedures in forms and tables


old dict procedures are not saved correctly. 

The fact is that both types are supported, for new procedures, only the new type of automatic  naming is used. Previously, you could specify any name for the stored procedure. 

It's just that the procedure is not deleted by the old name (because in sys.procedures it is stored under the new name, but object_definition is used for it with the old name).


deleting the procedure by the new name в sql 

drop proc [fm_notificationType_alertTypeName_dict]

We check that it was deleted (by the new name): 

declare @sp nvarchar(218) = 'fm_notificationType_alertTypeName_dict'
 select object_definition(object_id) from sys.procedures
                    where name = @sp;

                    select  name,  type_name(user_type_id) [typename], max_length [maxLength]
                    from sys.parameters where object_id = object_id(@sp)
                    order by parameter_id

Clearing the server cache in the control panel (checking for the existence of the procedure is cached). 

Automatically re-create the procedure as usual via the column or form editing interface. 

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