How to improve the performance of IIS (Internet Information Services web server)

Here we have compiled a short list of settings to improve IIS performance.

1. Disable Logging (IIS / Server / Logging / Disable)
2. Disable Debug mode (the IIS/ Site / .NET Compilation/Debugging=false)
3. Increase the queue for the IIS pool / Pool / AdvancedSettings / Queue Length = 5000
4. Removing the process shutdown after a long downtime IIS / Pool / Advanced Settings / Idle Timeout minutes = 0
5. Enable compression of IIS / Server / Compression / Enable Dynamic and Static options
6. Enable caching on the client of STAT files IIS / Site / HTTP Response Headers / set common headers / expire web contents-after 365 days
7. Enable caching of stat files on the IIS server / Site / Output Caching / Add all the necessary types of stat files.
8. Support IIS connection timeout with the browser reduced to 70 seconds IIS / Site/ Advanced Settings / Connection Timeout=70
9. Consider creating a web garden on IIS (item 5

Source articles that describe actions in more detail, as well as other processing methods:

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