This is a separate table mode (card).
View an example of product cards.

For the card mode you need to do the following: 
  1. in SELECT 3 GetItems, set < b>ViewType= & rsquo; card & rsquo; and the card output type CardGroupType - deck, columns, group
  2. output card data in SELECT 1. 
Filters are applied to cards, as well as to other types of output.
DECLARE @result TABLE (id int, header nvarchar(512), footer nvarchar(512),
                       imgTop nvarchar(128), imgBottom nvarchar(128),
                       imgOverlay nvarchar(128), title nvarchar(512),
                       subtitle nvarchar(512), [text] nvarchar(max),
                       headerColor nvarchar(10), bgColor nvarchar(10),
                       cardClass nvarchar(10), link1 nvarchar(128),
                       linkUrl1 nvarchar(128), linkClass1 nvarchar(128),
                       link2 nvarchar(128), linkUrl2 nvarchar(128),
                       linkClass2 nvarchar(128), link3 nvarchar(128),
                       linkUrl3 nvarchar(128),
                       linkClass3 nvarchar(128))


SELECT TOP 20 id id, -- The element ID will be written in the card as data-itemID
           '' header,   -- card header block
           '' footer,  -- card basement block
           '/uploads/land/realty.jpg'  imgTop, -- output the image at the top
           '/uploads/land/finance.jpg' imgBottom,  -- output the image at the bottom
           '' imgOverlay,     -- background image for all cards
           'title 1' title,   -- title
           'subtitle 1' subtitle,   -- subtitle 
           'text 1' text,    -- basic layout of the card
           'primary' headerColor,  /* the color of the header and footer primary, warning,
                                              success, light, secondary. danger*/
           '' bgColor, /*фон карточки primary, warning, success,
                         light, secondary. danger*/
           '' cardClass, -- additional CSS classes for the card                 
           'link1' link1,  -- link text 1
           'url1' linkUrl1, -- link URL 1
           'class1' linkClass1, -- CSS link class 1
           'link2' link2, -- link text 2
           'url2' linkUrl2, -- link URL 1
           'class2' linkClass2, -- CSS link class 2
           'link3' link3, link text 3
           'url3' linkUrl3, -- link URL 1
           'class3' linkClass3 -- CSS link class 3
FROM as_trace
The request specifies all parameters that can be applied to cards. If this parameter is omitted, this part of the card is not output.
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