Mail settings

Mail settings are made at /email-settings

The easiest way is to use Yandex mail. 

  1. Register a new mailbox for the project.
  2. You send yourself an email from this mailbox and respond to it, i.e. check that the mailbox is working correctly in manual mode. 
  3. Set your mail settings:
    1. For Yandex mail: for the server - with SSL and port 25. IMPORTANT! If the site hosting is on -then put it for Yandex (used 587 port.
    2. For mail - specify port 587, without SSL and server (either port-465, server -

    3. Enter user data (full mailbox and password)
  4. On the same page, you can check whether your email is being sent. 


  1. In most cases, sending mail is used as External action when saving the form.
  2. The mailbox may stop working if it is included in the SPAM filter. In this case, go to the mailbox via the mail client (for example, Yandex Mail) and check how emails are sent manually. If you often get spam emails, try different ones (don't send completely similar emails in large numbers). 
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