Solve problems. Common mistake

Displays a double header on the page

This happens when there is a header from the page and there is a header from the component (form or table). 

Hide the title of the page (on the page editing page, set the Hide title check box.)

My custom URL paths are not processed. 

Create your custom controllers only in area Controls.

Paths of the form/{code} are processed by the controller/method Home/P

Underline instead of hyphen and Vice versa

A common error is using hyphens or underscores. Pay attention to their use and try using a different sign in case of errors

Broken layout is the cause of many problems

Do not allow you to have a broken layout on the pages (unclosed tags, errors in the attributes, etc.). This leads to unpredictable problems.

Broken layout in the editor is highlighted in red. 

If you have a large chunk of problematic layout, remove it all, get it to work correctly, and then gradually add the layout to check that it works correctly.

Note on flexibility of component settings

Some component properties can be configured statically (via the component parameters form). If you need to dynamically replace them, use the corresponding parameter in SQL. 

Example: ToolbarAdditional in the tables. You can set it statically, but you can also substitute it in the table's GetItems query.

The icon is not displayed

First check the functionality on simple well-known icons. Some Font Awesome icons are not picked up. Check first on the fa fa-cube icon. 

Also check in the browser that you have the correct markup (Chrome, via the context menu on the Explore element-Google Console/Elements).

Always check the output details through this panel. 

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