The system of periodic events

You can set periodic events in the system using stored procedures. 

The as_nt_sync_start procedure is called every minute (we don't change it).

It calls the following procedures: 

  • as_nt_sync_min
  • as_nt_sync_hour
  • as_nt_sync_day
  • as_nt_sync_week
  • as_nt_sync_month

By changing the code of these procedures, you can perform the necessary database checks and call your own procedures (for example, user notifications). 


For external calls, you can use the free service the task, specify the address (project domain){key}, where {key} is a secret parameter that is checked in the as_nt_sync_start procedure.

By default, procedures write a procedure call event to trace.

as_nt_sync_start returns the following results: 

  • SELECT 1 - Msg, Result
  • SELECT 2-10 - calls to external actions (mail, SMS, notification, etc.). See calling external actions. These SELECT can be called somewhere inside periodic procedures (min, hour, etc.). and it is important that these procedures should not return anything other than such requests to the General output stream!.
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