Pages. How to do redirect to another page when loading

Use a stored procedure to output meta information by page (SELECT 2 in the page's SQL, redirectURLfield). If it is filled in, then a redirect to the specified address will take place.  

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[pg_crumbs_Projects]
@roles nvarchar(128),
@itemID nvarchar(128) = ",
@urlParameters CRUDFilterParameter READONLY
declare @result TABLE (title nvarchar(256), link nvarchar(256), tooltip nvarchar(256), ord int)

insert into @result
select 'Home','/',", 1
select 'My account', '/home/p/customerCabinet',", 2
select 'All documents',", ", 3

select * from @result order by ord

-- 2 SELECT additional settings of the page
select 'My projects', '/home/p/customerCabinet' RedirectUrl
drop table #result
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