Pages. How to display these lists in the page body (repeater)

How to insert list data, tables, repeater (visible to search engines) in site pages. 

You can display some repetitive markup on the page. 

You can place up to 5 different lists on a page, each of which can contain up to 6 parameters.  

  1. In the main body of the page markup, specify {list1}, .... . The list will be displayed at this location
  2. Specify the markup parameters for the element in the list1Makeup, list2Makeup, … list5Makeup elements in SQL pages in 3 SELECT. In them, we use the parameters {p1}...
    select '{p1}---{p2}' List1Makeup
  3. Specify selectors from 4 to 8 in the SQL page (i.e. no more than 5) with parameters in the form  p1...p6.  For example: 
select top 10  id p1, code p2 from as_trace

As a result, the page in the original markup (without JS) will display a list with repeated markup.

Hint: If you need to output more than five lists, or if the number of these lists must be dynamic, then use only one list {list1}, and in the parameters {p1}.. generate markup using the STUFF ... FOR XML function as many times as necessary.

In the third requests:

select '{p1}' list1Makeup,
'{p1} {p2}' list1Makeup

Request 4 and 5 :

select name p1 from t1 

Thus we get:

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