Table. How to make dependent filters in a table

To do this, we pass the collection to the dict procedure filters, and extract the desired filter from it. Next, we build the query taking into account the value of this parent filter. 

Example:  The filter has a category and a child collection. 

In the procedure all for collections we prescribe: 

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[crud_relmap_collectionID_dict]
	@tableCode nvarchar(32),
	@col nvarchar(32),
	@username nvarchar(32),
    @parameters ExtendedDictionaryParameter readonly,
    @filters CRUDFilterParameter readonly
	declare @catID int
	select @catID = try_cast(Value as int) from @filters where [Key]='catID'
	-- data source for the list of values (Value, Text)
    select '' Value, ' Not selected ' Text
	select Value, +' / ' + Text
	from kw_collections col inner join kw_cats cat on = col.categoryID
	where (isnull(@catID, 0)=0 or

Thus, the filter will be updated depending on the values of other filters when the filter is processed (not instantly when the filter is changed). 

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